Not worth registering domain with Go Daddy

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I wanted to share some personal experiences that I had with Go Daddy and what I feel about it. I have been using Go Daddy for all my domains for the past 3 to 5 years. I have my own domains there along with some of my client domains. I started my first domain there and that made me purchase all my domains there itself. I did not know that it was a bad option until recently. This year my hosting services and domains are due to renewal in the next 10 days. I was looking forward to picking a good hosting provider to switch over. While doing that activity, I found out that my Whois data for my domain was public.



What is Whois data?

Before I explain further I would like to give a short description of what whois data is. I know you can find better descriptions and details online about Whois data. I'm not going to tell more about that but a short description that would probably be relevant for this article. There are many websites with which you can check the whois data of a domain. For example, is one such website that can give you the details. Whois data is the data about the domain owner. It can be an individual or even a company. I didn't know much about how my whois data can be protected. Only recently I paid a little bit more attention to it and identified that all my personal details were exposed publically with my domain's whois data.



Why I started hating Go Daddy?

I would not abuse much about Go Daddy but after seeing my data going public I realized that I have to add some privacy to my domains. When I checked for that option on the Go Daddy website, I noticed that I had to pay additionally to get domain privacy. This was so lame. I already felt that my annual renewal fee was way too much with go daddy because there were many other competitive domain providers who gave cheap domains. I was paying extra to renew my domains. Additionally, I was not even ready to pay for domain privacy as well.

One good thing about the internet is that we always have alternate options in such cases. When I checked the internet, I noticed that there were many service providers who provided privacy for the domains free of cost. That was the moment I decided that I have to move on by transferring my domains to other service providers. I explored for better options and found out Namecheap to be good. They offer free SSL along with free domain privacy. I initiated the transfer and the transfer is already complete. The yearly renewal fee was also cheap I should say. I paid around 8$ for 1-year registration. I moved 2 of my domains there to experiment and it was smooth. I will be moving my other domains as well soon.



I was also getting lots of spam emails and promotional offers which I never subscribed to. I used to even get calls and messages on my mobile about better website designing options. I didn't know that it was all because of my public domain whois data. After recently identifying the cause, I realized that it should be made private first and hence took this decision. I don't think I will be continuing to use any of the services from Go daddy anymore. The reason is not that they are bad or they are not providing a great service. The main reason is that I get some cheap alternatives elsewhere with better options. When there are cheap options available and if I still pay high, it is definitely not worth it.

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I've used godaddy before. I also heard people complaining about it

I did not have any complaints as such about their services part. It is just that things are getting costly when there are cheaper options available in the market.

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Thanks for the advice. I have not heard about Whois before, didn't know your data could be leaked through your domain.

Yes I didn't know much about it either. Actually I didn't pay more attention to that and now recently found that it was important. 😀

I had GoDaddy as well for many years, no complaint really during that time. But indeed privacy should not be a paid option! I have all my domains with AWS, they integrate it with their other services so many things are automated. Automated is nice, creating DNS records is not the nr 1 activity of enjoyment :)

AWS is nice and is getting popular. I haven't explored any of the Amazon Web Services yet. It is in my action list but currently some of the other companies and hosting providers are also using modern tools and are enough competent. Yes most of the activities have been automated to just click of a button and that is really good. 😀

don't know this much about the godaddy but I also have a website and domain of godaddy.
you are a expert so I will keep this in mind for future 🙏⁦✌️⁩

Yes if you are looking for domain privacy and cheaper option, godaddy is not the option.

ok then for next time I will keep this is mind.

Yes, that would be better. 🙂

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Welcome man. :-)