Friendship Goals

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Friendship is a strong bond that exist between two or more people that want to be together, if you want to go far in life, you need to make friends with people that have the same goals with you, the kind of friends you make can either make or mar you..

Sweet and bad memories are always created in friendship, there are days of laughter and fun, days you play from morning till evening, teasing each other and there are bad days filled with cries and pains...

Who is your friend

  • A friend is someone whose absence you will always felt
    You never miss water until it is gone or you are thirsty, If that person who always put a smile on your face didn't show up or visit you for a while, you will miss them and once it get to a certain stage, your heart will yearn more for the person, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


  • Someone that can make you happy without doing or saying anything
    If there is someone that you feel so comfortable sitting with without having any conversation, it is a blessing, no boring moment and you found solace with such person as you don't need to try hard to keep the friendship going.. the bond is strong....

  • A friend is someone that inspires and motivate you
    He will cheer you on when you feel like giving up, knowing there is someone out there who is proud of you and believes in you gives you the motivation you need to be the best as you won't want to fail such a person..

  • Someone that makes you feel so confident in the face of fears
    Having a friend with you in the worst moment gives you the boldness to face any danger knowing that there is someone backing you up and you are not alone, it is in time of trouble you know your real friends...

  • Someone who will fight with you but fight for you
    A friend will get angry with you for many reasons and even fight with you but he will never allow anyone bully you, a friend will tease you but will not others tease you, a friend will annoy you but will never let others do that to you, only him has the right to do that!



  • Someone that cheers you up in your grieving moment and who will never abandon you in your trying moment
    Friends like this are rare to find, when things are good, people who call themselves your friends will dine and wine with you but if a problem arise, they will abandon you to face it all alone and it is in such moment you get to know who your true friend is, even if the person doesn't have the resources to help you, he will stay till you find a solution to the problem...

I have made friends on the blockchain that inspires and motivates me to become better in life, i totally forgot my existence in the offline world as the online friends keeps me going and makes me more happy, even tho we all have our flaws but we look past it and it only makes our friendship grow stronger every day...Never a dulling moment with them and we have created enough memories to last for a lifetime, memories worth sharing with my unborn kids...


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You're right, friends are one important entity in ones life. They help make life enjoyable. The memories, the happiness, the sadness, all counts.

yea friends makes life fun.. thanks man