How to register for a binance account and deposit your hive

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I was reading chat on a whatsap exchange group yesterday, it was between a buyer and a seller, the seller wanted to sell 70 hive whcih was at the rate of 16 dollars as at that moment but the buyer was offering him 13 dollars which was kinda too low and that stops the seller from selling the hive hoping hive would rise more then he can sell it, then i realized many people still lack the knowledge of trading their coins by themselves.....

I will be sharing the knowledge of how to make use of an exchange site to carry out different transactions like buying and selling coins and also how to convert your coins to fiat on my blog but for today let us learn how to sign up on an exchange and how to deposit your coins....

Binance is a well known cryptocurrency exchange site where you can perform different kind of crypto trading, Here is the step:

click on

Click on the register button at the top right corner and it will bring the picture below..

Fill in your email and password details and a message will be sent to your mail where you will be asked to finish the sign up process..

Once done, your account will be created and the next step is to verify your account with any valid identity card so as to enable you carry out huge transactions...

The next step is how to deposit hive to your binance account... You can also download the app on playstore

Go to wallet

Click deposit

Search for hive in the list of coins

Once you click on hive it will generate your hive deposit address and memo

Then you will move over to your hive wallet and fill in the details..


You will get your hive within 3 minutes of sending it in your binance accounts..

NOTE: The deepcrypto8 address never change, and the memo address only belongs to you, if there is a mistake in the memo address, you will lose the fund and if there is someone using the memo address you mistakenly put, it is the person that will get the fund, hence always be careful when filling the details..

Try it and drop your comment if you understand and get it right...


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It doesn't look complicated, I'll try, good publication

yea very easy to use.. you will love it.....

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