It is not by my power

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The birds do not cultivate a farm yet they feed daily to their own fill, it is not by their power nor by their strength, it is by the grace of God, the creator of the universe, atimes when i look at my life, i have no whatsoever skills yet i am living fine, it makes me want to be on my kneels all day showering praises unto the One that made it possible.....

Anything i wish for, He always do it, There is no request made unto him that he never answered as i am a living witness of His miracles and i say with Him by your side, you have got nothing to be scared of, He will always be by your side in times of trouble and needs, the only one who will never fail you!

2020 taught me so many things that one can be lifted from grass to grace within a jiffy and the next day you will be like, this time yesterday i was poor but look at me now, my story has changed, that is how He does his thing and he has the perfect timing for everyone so just wait for your time....

Amidst the pandemic that claimed millions of life, it didn't affect me nor did it affect any of my family members and friends, shows how protective He is towards me and my people and i believe He won't stop watching over us.....

I was able to achieve 10 000 hive power this year and after thinking about what i can use it to do, i decided to join trevon once again and get some good vote through their trail and just this morning i woke up to the news of the admin that i have been added to their trail, so pay out of this post i am making will determine if the trail is worth it or not and well i will always be in profit as i lose nothing being on the trail as all needed is to vote others and that i always do........

One thing i realize is that money brings in more money if you invest them in the right place and that is what am going to do now, i will make my money work for me!

Just keep doing what you know ho to do best, your passion will take you places you have never been to..



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I am waiting for the day my passion would take me to such places lol. Yeah you are right. When we have God by our side, anything is possible. I am happy about your achievement and the good news you received.
10K HP is a lot and some people wish to achieve that this year as well. Congrats!

you are on the right path and your enthusiasm about hive and other project i don't know will pay off some day, just believe... Thanks


thanks bro