One of the best rule that favors the gruesome and most feared demon of war on splinterlands

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Happy sunday famz, hope the weekend is treating you right, since the start of corona that every place of worship has been closed down, sunday now look just like every other day as there is no special occcasion or event to go but i believe we are going to survive it and things are going back to the way they are sooner or later..

Today i will love to give a lengthy description on zaku and ways to make use of zaku in battles cos i realised some people ain't using this powerful summoner at its best...Hence let us get to know more about zaku first!

Yodin Zaku was a War Demon of the times before the Splintering so long ago. He was a hybrid child born of two warring races, the Efreet and the Bulludae, the Demons of War. But he never perished. His being was imprisoned in an ancient artifact that preserved his life, and now, nearly a thousand years after the Splintering, Yodin has opened his eyes and risen from his bondage.


This monster have the best lore as far as i am concerned or probably i should say his lore is the most interesting that i have read so far and being a war demon in ancient days means zaku has always been a violent and brutal monster and risen from bondage into splinterland only made him worse, everyone fears the rage of zaku, you can never win him at his best...

He was bestowed upon three gift that makes him outstanding among his peer of other summoners in all splinterlands..

ability_blast.png - All friendly monsters receive the blast ability at the start of battle

health.png - All friendly monsters have +1 health

ranged-attack.png - All friendly ranged attack monsters have +1 ranged attack

These three abilities make yodin zaku one of the most powerful summoner out there and some certain rules on splinterlands like reverse rule makes it unleash the beast inside of him!

So i would be sharing a reverse speed battle with details explanation on how i selected my monsters...

battle link

My opponent in the above battle was #mattclarke and the rules of the battle stated was:


  • Reverse speed: Monsters with the lowest speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
  • Equalizer: The initial health of all monsters is equal to that of the monsters on either team with the highest base health

The mana cap was 34 and the tactic i used was snipe and defence..




The lord is well known for his shield, void, magic reflect and thorns ability which makes it the most used at the front on splinterlands, i also used it at the front for those amazing abilities of it knowing that it can't be taken down easily...



The fire beetle is a sniping monster and with the additional +1 range of yodin zaku is just the right sniping monster i needed in the game and it performed to my expectation...



This small but mighty creature is also a sniping monster but not with a range attack so it won't benefit from zaku additional range but it will still have the blast and also it has stun on its own which makes it suitable to use...



There is high chance of my opponent coming with healing monsters and incase of that, i need a way to stop his monsters from healing and that is where fire elemental becomes needed and useful with her affliction ability....



The cyclop is one of the best monster when it comes to reverse speed rule cos of it slow ability and he also has shield which makes it hard to take down as well and with the support of zaku, he got an additional +1 range to his 3 range attack which makes it wreck havoc to the opponent monsters...


I used this card solely cos of its protect ability as it add two armors to all friendly monster which saves them from enemies attack..

I won the battle quite easily but if i was to change anything in the battle, it would be using ferexia general instead of cyclop, it would have been all sniping so it would help in winning the battle faster, but i do not have the general and the reason why i go with cyclop was because of the reverse rule..


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters weekly battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

I thought your Lord Arianthus was going to use Blast Hahaha, incredible the power of this monster thanks for showing to us.