Serpentine soldier: The frontline warrior that is incredibly difficult to hit

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Happy sunday famz..

Splinterlands is filled up with so many monsters ranging from healers, blasters, witches, magicians and peacemakers and in the midst of all this monsters also live monsters with dodge abilities and these monsters are well known for their ability to escape many attacks, they hardly get hit in battles.. I talked about cocatice last week and today i will be talking about the Serpentine soldier.

Sskah City in the southern reaches of the Burning Lands is controlled by Serpentines. These rugged hole-dwellers are incredibly difficult to hit; their Soldiers make a powerful frontline for the United Ferexia of the Burning Lands.


EDITION: Beta/Alpha

The serpentine soldier is a 5 mana monsters and it is bestowed upon with three unique abilities that makes it hard for melee and range monsters to take it down in battles..


This ability is known as the shield and it helps to reduce the damages done to the monster by melee and range attacks..


This ability is known as dodge and it is what makes serpentine invincible as monsters find it hard hitting it in battles, what makes it more difficult is the combination of the dodge and its high speed.


This ability is known as thorns and it is against melee attacks as they suffer damage when they attack serpentine soldier due to the thorns on its body..

What position fit serpentine soldier

  • The best position to place serpentine soldier is either as the first card or the last card in battles, it all depends on the rules of the battle, if there is no magic monsters then it is good to at the front as it will be hard for range and melee attack to take it down but in case magic attack can be used then it is best to place it at the back in case your opponent comes with sneaky monsters, it get your defense covered..

Here is a battle i won with Serpentine soldier


battle link

The rules stated:


  • Silenced summoners Summoners do not give any stats buffs or debuffs or grant/use any abilities. .




I used serpentine as my first card because players do not like to use magic monsters when the summoners wont increase their magic, they prefer going with melee and range so i know serpentine has a good chance in the battle and he performed great because my opponent cerberus was only able to hit him once..



I used kobold since i have made up my mind to sneak on the opponent, kobold is a low mana monster so it will save me more mana to put in more sneaky monsters.



  • Serpentine is well known for its speed and opportunity to sneak up on monsters with the lowest health, it is a 3 mana monster so definitely suitable in the low mana battle hence why i use it as my third card.*


Elven has the same sneak ability with kobold and whatever my mode of attack is, i always go with full force to enable me win faster...



The chicken was placed as the last card in case my opponent use sneaking monsters too, so the chicken will suffer the first damage if it happen that way so it is just a way to delay the opponent from attacking my main monsters.


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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I love the serpentine soldier! especially the artwork on it.


I am slowly leveling this guy up, especially for the speed.

you will really love it at max...