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Hello famz, i have actually been wondering if i would be able to write this week battle challenge post because i don't use sea monster in champion league as there are better options i can use, i even checked peakmonster battle chain to see if i had any battle with it but as expected none!

Luckily while completing quest on ts-dragon i decided to try my luck and use the sea monster and fortunately for me, i won the match and hence gives me the chance to participate in the challenge but first of all honor should be given to those who deserve it ...

Big thanks to the splinterlands founder for developing such a wonderful game that provide some players daily income and also serve as a way of having fun for some other players, it is a game that offers many things for those into it...

The sea monster is a card that is very useful in lower league battles, infact it happens to be the newbies favorite due to its healing ability at level 1 and its ability to withstand more attack because it has a long life...


Unfortunately, as this card is the saviour of players in lower league, it isn;'t that strong or useful in higher leagues battle due to its low speed and there are cards more brutal and able to withstand more attack than it in higher leagues because all their abilities have been unleashed...

I got paired with #saarlaender and i decided to try the sea monster to see if i can make it and yea i did, now let us review the battle....


battle link

The moment i saw the legendary water summoner i thought all hope was lost but after seeing the monsters he used along with the mighty summoner, i had the confidence the battle was mine and also his monsters are not well upgraded which gives me a better advantage, even his set up looks dumb as fuck, why will he use enchanted defender in the first place when magic monsters can be used in such battle... it kind of gives me the impression it is a bot playing that account....


I wipe out most of his monsters in round 1 itself and in round 2, he was left with just two monsters which didn't survive the second round too, it was actually a easy win due to the player formation and lack of levelled up cards...


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Hahaha, sometimes Sea Monster can be an awesome card at higher leagues, just give it a chance.