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Big thanks to the steemmonsters founder and their humble curators for making this possible, the weekly battle challenge has helped a lot of players to improve their writing skills... Players are now getting motivated to write about their strategies and tactics, Big kudos to the Bdcommunity teams too for their amazing support!

This week battle challenge is using Phantasm in a battle, let us get to know the monster called phantasm and which splinter it belongs along with its abilities..

Many of the creatures of Mortis are terrifying and mysterious, even to the Dark Eternals themselves. When the Dark Tzar convinced him so many years ago to tamper with the rules of death, the Lord of Darkness never knew the true scope of the multitude of terrors he would be unleashing forever onto the Splinterlands. The approach of a Phantasm is never expected. They are always presumed to be a figment of their victim's imagination, until the pain begins. The pain is very real.


The Phantasm belongs to the death splinter and it is a common reward card, it is a melee monster and is bestowed with three unique abilities which are:


  • Flying: This ability makes earthquake rules harmless to the monster and also have higher chance of evading attacks from melee and range monsters that do not have the flying ability..


  • Return fire: This ability helps monsters to return half the damage done to them when hit by range monsters.


  • Retaliate: This is an ability that gives the monster a chance to fight back when a melee monster hit it tho it doesn't work always but it does work greatly atimes..

I was paired with #berlin25 in battle and the rules stated:


  • Fog of war: Monster lose the sneak and snipe abilities.
  • UP close & personal: Only monsters with melee attacks may be used in battles.


battle link

line up



I love to use lord of darkness in rules where only melee monsters are allowed to be used as it is still the strongest melee monster in the whole of splinterlands, his enrage and retaliate ability makes him very brutal in battles....

  • Phantasm


I used phantasm as my second card so it can support the lord of darkness if they were able to take it down in the battle, phantasm has a decent melee power too so it will definitely do great in second position...



Even tho the rules stated melee lose the sneak ability, i still use the skeleton for its poison ability and if it get a chance to attack the poison may help in winning the battle...



This monster have just one life but without a magic attack, it is hard to take down cos of its plenty armor, monsters with opportunity do target it alot due to the 1 life it got, hence why i used it to trap those monsters with opportunity ability as it got thorns ability that returns damage to any melee monster that attack it..



Spineback was my last card due to its thorn ability, i want it to be the last man standing as monsters do miss their attack on it due to high speed and if they eventually hit it, they get damaged by its thorn abilitiy..

Did your strategy work?

My strategy works perfectly as the opponent two monsters with opportunity ability lost their life to my enchanted defender which i purposely set as a trap for them and the lord of darkness dominate the front line and he was still standing till i conquer the enemy.

What will you try differently next time?

i might use spine back in the second position next time since it has reach ability and will be able to attack from there.


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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