Some challenges that new players encounter when they join splinterlands

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Most people face alot of challenges when they try doing something for the first time, even tho some people grab faster while some needs a lot of time before they get it, eventually we all get better in those things as long as we are ready to learn and didn't give up.

When i join splinterlands, there was a lot of things that passed my knowledge that i didn't understand till i found a mentor who have stayed longer in the game and figured out what those things means and how they work, i would love to share some of those things new player might want to know about....


Some players do get confused when they have a level 6 card but always see it in level 3 in battles with the arrow sign at the top right corner, the reason could be two, it can be due to your low levelled summoner or probably because of the league you are at that very moment, to solve this problem, upgrade your summoners and try to unlock higher leagues too....

When and how to upgrade a card


Whenever i have a spare bcx on a card, i do combine it immediately even tho it won't take the card to another level. until my mentor asked me to borrow him 3 bcx of a particular card and i told him i have no spares that i combine any spares i have immediately, it was then he explained to me that i should not combine cards until i have enough of it to take it to the next level.. For example, i have five bcx goblin chef, i can easily take it to level 2 by combining three bcx together and keep the remaining two bcx till i have more to make it level 3...

Monsters set up

99% of players did the mistake of placing their cards wrongly in their first time of playing the game, mistakes like placing a range attack monster as your first card where it can't attack and also vulnerable to the opponent's attack, some read the how to play but still mix it up as they didn't understand or grab the rules fast enough..


This is range attack and monsters having this attack can't attack in the front line except the rules of the battle stated range can attack from the front, so do not use any monsters with thid attack as your first card, try placing them as second or probably last card so they can perform well....

All you need to know about a card


Once you click on a card, there are many things you can do with it, it is either you convert the card, combine it, sell it, lease it or burn it...

  • image.png - This symbol is for converting your alpha cards to beta and once you do that, you can't reverse the action...
  • image.png- This symbol is used to combine your cards to level them up.
  • image.png- This symbol is for sending cards to another player.
  • image.png- This symbol is used for placing your cards in the market for sale.
  • image.png- This symbol is for delegating your card to another player ..
  • image.png- This symbol is used to burn your cards, card burn will convert your card to dec....

If you are a newbie, do not stop practicing until you get it right, all the top players didn't get there in a day, they used to be a novice like you but their determination and their focus made them the best today... Let your winning spirit lead you to greatness, The first step is always the hardest once you get your game, your splinterlands journey will be so smooth and when you look back, you wil only laugh at those things that makes you so confused at the beginning..


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well written Burli. I do hope new players bother to read such posts and get to understand the game a lot better. Such posts should go into a tutorial section in the game site itself

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Hey, my man.
It's a great post.
It must be helpful for newbiews.
You should carry a link to this post in every splinterlands related post you create..