The world still exist because good people are more than the evil ones..

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Humanity is what keeps the whole world going, it would have been a different case if we have more evil people than the good ones, crimes would be done publicly and many lifes will be wasted, there will be no law and it would be the case of survival of the fittest and strongest...

Thankfully with all the bad ones, the righteous one are still larger in numbers and they won't allow the evil ones have their way, which makes it only possible for the evil ones to only do their evil deeds in secret..

i can't imagine a world where criminals are free to roam the street, people will live in fears and no one will be able to predict how long he can live knowing that death surround him and can take him anytime..

The creator made everything beautiful, both living and non living things, then He created man and put him in charge of everything, things were fine until evil visited man and corrupted his soul..

God gave us the power to restrain evil temptation but most people let the devil use them and they become condemned because of few minutes enjoyment which the devil use to lure them..

Amidst the chaos happening in the world, we have good people whose heart are pure and conscience is clear, they just want to make the world a better place by helping those around them.. They spread the love in every direction and that makes the earth conducive to live..

Do not give in to evil because those around you did the same, you are different from the rest and you can be that unique being that changes the world and make it a better place..

God Bless

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