Index to my tutorial posts for newbies.

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Hive marketing is something we all should be involved in if we truly believe this is a nice place for everyone. If that is the case, then we have to make personal efforts to get the word across to our friends and whoever is interested, to join this platform and connect with great minds.

Talking about getting the word across, I am doing my part however little. Some weeks ago, I set a personal target to bring in 7 new members every week and I have been working hard to achieve that goal. Not just bringing them in, I have to show them around the new "apartment" so they understand hoe to do what. I have been making tutorials and I thought about arranging them under one post so that it will be easily accessible and comprehensive.

So here are some of those post I made that newbies might find useful here:


Sometimes I feel that this place is so quiet. At other times, I feel we can do more to create more awareness. You could set a set goal of on-boarding new members as much as you have time for and enlightening them too. I will continue my effort of on-boarding and teaching. I hope any newbie that comes across the lessons above will find them useful.

Have a great day - or night!


@focusnow thanks