My Dendrobium Crumenatum Orchid

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Greetings dear friends and photography lovers

Greetings and affection for all, in a pleasure again to be with you through my images. On this occasion, I want to show you very proudly other of the orchids in my garden. This is a Dendrobium Crumenatum, I get home thanks to my sister, since she gave it to me. It turned out that it adapted immediately and to my pleasant surprise, soon I was already making my garden happy with its beautiful flowers.


Separador orquídeas.png


Separador orquídeas.png

This plant is native to Asia, and it turns out that it likes the warm and sunny climate that characterizes the city of Barcelona, ​​so it developed very quickly in my small garden. In addition, she is very generous, almost all year she gives me her exquisite flowers, so my garden looks beautiful. Another advantage is that it is very easy to transplant, I started with a plant, which as I told you, my sister gave me. Today I have managed to transplant four plants distributed in four different baskets. So I always have orchids, since, at least one of the plants in the four baskets is rewarding me is their beautiful flowers.

Separador orquídeas.png


Separador orquídeas.png


Separador orquídeas.png

As you can see, in the images the numerous inflorescences of this plant are small and emerge from a long and thin flower rod. The same plant can produce several floral rods, which sprout from each nodule where it has a leaf. Normally, one rod is produced per plant at a time, although on some occasions if the conditions are optimal, more than one may emerge. Now, as always in the same basket several plants coexist, there are often several rods of inflorescence in the process of development, giving a beautiful visual spectacle that makes everyone's heart happy.

Separador orquídeas.png


Separador orquídeas.png


Separador orquídeas.png


Separador orquídeas.png

Separador orquídeas.png

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Technical information

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CameraPentax * istDL
Lens Pentax 18-55
LightingNatural Light
LocationBarcelona, Anzoátegui State, Venezuela
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They are very beautiful photos. Orchids are very attractive flowers and I loved that photo with the dew on the flowers :)

Yes, they are very beautiful, those are very special for me, because they brighten my garden throughout the year. I'm glad you liked the pictures. Thank you for your visit.

Me fascinan las fotos de la naturaleza,buen artículo.

Saludos, me alegra que te gustara.

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Greetings and very grateful, for your support. Happy week.

Very pretty! I really like Dendrobiums for their canes and have a few myself :)

Hello, good to have you visiting! This type of orchid is great, because its bouquets are super beautiful, and they bloom all year long, so my garden is always beautiful, thanks to them. Happy and blessed start of the week.

Hermosa orquidea

Gracias, me alegra que te gustaran. Feliz inicio de semana.

wow, nice photos, thanks for sharing

Thank you for the visit and support.

Muy buenas esas imagenes. Nitidaz y se aprecia la belleza de esa flor. Seria interesante qu eintentaras hacer una toma Macro, si la camara lo permite, para ver la textura de la flor. Saludos !!

Hola @jcrodriguez, que gusto de saludarte.
Las 3 primeras imagenes son tomas en modo macro porque las flores son pequeñitas, si detallas las imagenes notaras que el fondo se ve algo desenfocado, eso se debe al efecto Bokeh, de todas maneras dejame buscar en mi fototeka, jajaja, creo que tengo algunas que aplique un nivel de macro mayor. Gracias por tu visita y apoyo, siempre es grato tenerte de visita.

Bueno, si, me refiero es a las tomas Super Ultra Macro, como eas dnde se les ve el ojo a lso insectos jajaja. Ese tipo de foto es incrieible ! Exitos !

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Hermosas sin lugar a dudas, una profesional en todas las fotos que nos compartes. Apoyado el toptres del día @francyrios75 Orquideas encantadoras.

Gracias Sra. @sacra97, siempre me encanta tenerla de visita, le envio un gran abrazo.

Apoyando TOP3

I love to see how you love flowers and portray them in your wonderful photographs, you are a master in art, dear @francyrios75. I admire you very much. Thank you for sharing this beauty in an impeccably presented post that provokes reading. I hug you with love and support you in the #toptres.

Me encanta ver como eres amante de las flores y las retratas en tus maravillosas fotografias, eres una mestra en el arte, querida @francyrios75. Te admiro muchisimo. Gracias por compartir esta hermosura en un post impecablemente presentado que provoca leer. Te abrazo con cariño y te apoyo en el #toptres.

Tienes un jardín asombroso..