The President of the Senate shall... Open All the Certificates

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The Interesting Case of the 12th Amendment

On January 6th, the "President of the Senate", which during a joint session is the current Vice President of the United States of America Mike Pence, is given the duty to "open all the certificates", these are the electoral votes from the states to determine the outcome of the election. This is where the new presidential administration is ACTUALLY determined.

What does "open all the certificates" actually mean?

There is some interpretation that this phrase gives the authority to the President of the Senate to DETERMINE which certificates should be opened! In the case (as we see now) where there are contested state electoral votes, with multiple "certificates" which could be opened, nowhere does it say WHO determines which certificates to open, except with the phrase "The President of the Senate shall... open all the certificates."

The University of Chicago Law Journal

This phrase "The President of the Senate shall... open all the certificates" grants the President of the Senate (Mike Pence) the constitutional authority to determine which "certificates" to "open" thus which electoral votes "shall then be counted".

Constitutionally, the votes cannot be counted UNTIL the President of the Senate (Mike Pence) has first opened ALL the certificates, determining by his authority as President of the Senate WHICH certificates to open, before beginning the count.


"The President of the Senate shall... open all the certificates"


So according to the 12th Amendment, neither the Senate or House of Representatives can operate together to do anything having to do with the "opening" or "counting", as they can only be "in the presence".

Only the "President of the Senate" has the exclusive authority to "open" and "count" the electoral college votes. This is Mike Pence.

Will the Constitution Prevail?

It is clear that the United States of America no longer operates under the ACTUAL constitution, but rather operates according to tradition based loosely on the constitution.

Traditionally, the events of January 6th are merely a formality, the results of the election determined on November 4th, according to what the Media has "Called". Remember this?


According to the Constitution, the "President Elect" is determined January 6th, with the "opening of the certificates" and "counting" of electoral votes. This is when it is determined who the next presidential administration will be. This is the job of the "President of the Senate" who will be Vice-President Mike Pence.

Will the constitution prevail? Or will we continue down this fraudulent path that will lead to our nation's destruction?

The constitution cannot save us, but by going back to our constitutional founding, we may be given more time to set things right, that the Most High may spare us from His wrath.


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I still have hope in our constitution but I guess we'll all see here soon what happens!

We'll have to see. We're going to Washington DC on the 5th and 6th to remind the vice-president and congress that the people know what's going on. We going to have our shofar ready!

You are taking the whole family there? Wow! Good for you! Blow that Shofar and proclaim the name of Yah!

The shofar just arrived in the mail today, our first one. Time to practice before the big event! I'm already a trumpet player. We were going to bring the whole family, but an opportunity came up for our three oldest to stay with family, so logistically it will be much easier.

We'll see what sort of man Pence is.
But the failure of GOP controlled state legislatures in fraud states to certify competing list of Electors makes it much more difficult for Pence.

I agree, this is a test of our Vice President. I'm doubtful he'll use his constitutional authority since the majority of the GOP is resigned. Notice he is going out of the country immediately after the count, that's either a good sign or a bad sign.