Rising Star - My First Week Playing!

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I have been playing Rising Stars daily which is free to start and players can earn Starbits, an internal game token, to purchase new cards. Furthermore the game gives free card packs for achieving a specific amount of missions. Last Wednesday I was able to achieve my first 100 missions and earned a free pack of cards.

I have almost 5,000 Starbits and am thinking whether to continue saving to 10k to purchase another booster pack or spend it on purchase of specific card. I am thinking of the later, getting either a coffee or pizza box to boost my energy so that I can do more missions when I am lucky enough to get coffee or pizza after mission and store them for future use. The more missions I do the more Starbits is what I am focused on.

Tips if Playing the Game

I am currently at level 12 and with the help of my XP boost card leveling has been quick. I am a bit surprise that in this game when a player levels there is no reboot of energy bar to full, but it is what it is. The way I see to earn your first free pack is to do the first mission "Illegal Busking" as many times as possible since it only takes 5 mins/mission and uses the least amount of energy among all missions. It won't matter which missions the player completes to earn the achievement rewards but the quantity they play in.

The game's fan number is very important to be kept high in order to complete higher missions. Players need to be very active to maintain the fan number. If they leave the game for a half a day or more the fan number will drop back to 10, but as long as they continue to play missions the fan number accumulates. With higher fan base missions the more XP and Starbits the players can earn.

The more missions I done the more chances I get pizza and coffee as rewards, which boosts my energy bar back to full in certain cases. The higher fan missions once completed may not give me as many chances to find a pizza or coffee unlike lower fan missions. Hence focusing on the lower fan missions allows me more opportunities to extend my game play. Without enough energy I am unable to complete missions. The in game cards to help me store pizza and coffee are pizza box and coffee cup respectively. Those cards will help me keep my energy bar high enough to continue playing. Additional there are energy boost cards that will boost energy much faster than standard.

I will report back next weekend to see my progress.

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in playing the game here is a link:

Rising Stars!- Free to Play and Earn Cryptocurrency

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