Splinterlands - Benefits and Drawbacks of Max Level Cards (Weekly Entry Post)

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In the past month I was able to save enough DEC to purchase my first ever max level monster card. It should be an easy guess as to what card I have max. Ruler of the Sea! What got me into purchasing the max level card was two folds. One the price at the time was relatively obtainable for me, app. 45k DEC, and the card is one of the most sought after reward cards in the game.

Having a max card is a big step for me in investing in this game since it takes a lot of DEC and cards to obtain. I look forward to rising in rankings as I begin my quest of collecting more max cards. So why am I looking into max cards versus keeping lower level cards? There are multiple reasons and I will try to post as much of those here.

Higher Cost with Max Levels

The cost to obtain a max level card either through buying in the market or collecting cards in packs the bottom line is that it will take a lot of capital. Below is a chart listing how many cards are required to max level cards in specific sets.

As one can read it takes multiple cards to level up a monster hence the resources required to do such is significant. Also resale value of higher level cards currently are less in $/bcx due mainly to the fact that overall cost of the card at max level is much more than that of lower level similar cards. For example a Beta max level version of Silvershield Paladin is currently on market selling at lowest price of $15.235 while a level 1 lowest price is at $0.288. For most players the latter price is easily achieved while the max level will likely have fewer players that can afford it.

On the flip side higher level cards in the long run will benefit players more as they allow better chances of winning against top rank players. The way I see it players who hold max level cards are long term investors in the game.

Max Summoner to Max Monster

In order to maximize the max level cards one needs to also have max level summoners. Max level summoners are also expensive to own, yet is require to obtain the full benefits of max level cards. The degree of max level in summoners are such as a beta rare is as follows.

115 of the same card to have a max level summoner! That is clearly a difficult task to achieve but with enough money one can obtain. It is worth mentioning that while it takes more cards to max level rares the higher rarities take less cards hence may sometimes be less in overall cost. Epic betas require 64 cards to max level while legends beta requires 11 cards. Although cost of each 1 bcx epic or legend is likely more than a rare the overall cost to max level maybe less due to the quantity of card necessary to achieve a max level.

Benefits of level 1 and low level cards

The value of these cards will hold up as demand for them is high and price higher per bcx than max level. Reason being is players do not have to access a ton of liquidity to obtain a lower level card. In general resale of the lower level cards are easier than higher level, but furthermore if one does not have max level summoner there is no benefit of having max level monsters.

Why am I going with more max level cards? I simply have collected a lot of lower level cards and am in this game for the long run. I hope to continue moving up in ranking and only way I can is to have higher level cards. I am currently saving my hive and DEC in hopes to purchasing a max level summoner soon. I will update when I achieve this.

Thanks for reading!

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Very nice post mawit07! You have cleared the card up-gradation cost ith different editions (alpha gold foils and normals) which will be a great help to the other players. I also like the way you have explained with so many screenshots.

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