Splinterlands - Gerber's Generosity (Weekly Post)

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With less than a few hours before the end of another season I had the lucky opportunity of @gerber delegating to me some amazing max level untamed monsters and summoners. This is my first time playing with any max level card at its fullest and for people who have played Splinterlands they would know how expensive and effort it is to own max level cards. Although this is not permanent I appreciate the help and will try to use these max level cards to help me in the game.

For those who just play the game but nothing more please realize there are multiple platforms that gamers from beginners to experts roam and discuss. It is in the discord channels did I find out about @gerber's generosity which I and others who are recipients would likely never have known if we were not in the proper channels. The best part of all this is joining these channels are free! Players get to participate in giveaways and get to meet others who have similar interests in playing Splinterlands. Many other season players will also help beginners with free delegations.

The game becomes much easier to progress and win with the help of others when new players start off. I for one did not learn to participate until a few months of playing, and now recommend all who play Splinterlands to join these channels. Whether it is discord, facebook, twitter, or telegram please take the time to join and spend some time on those channels. You will be surprise as to what you can learn and earn beyond what the game has to offer.

In this day in age where multiple countries are in lock down or limiting human to human contact one of the best ways to meet new people is through the internet. What better way to find new friends who have similar interests than to play a game where all the parties interacting enjoy playing.

For your convenience here are the links to the different channels available for all who play the game to join. Even if you have not started playing it is free to join and learn about the game:

Discord Link

Telegram Link

Twitter Link

Instagram Link

Reddit Link

Facebook Link

If You have yet to take part in playing this great game called Splinterlands please click on my referral link. It is free but in order to earn real assets such as cards and token you would have to invest in a starter deck or purchase game cards. Join the discord to learn more. Good luck!


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Posted via neoxian.city | The City of Neoxian

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Nice job! I love fire splinter, and especially those cards! had good luck with them?