Splinterlands - GLORIDAX SOLDIER (Weekly Battle Post)

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Interesting this week's battle post is on a very recent new reward card - Gloridax Soldier. The monster at first glance is pretty decent with stats all around but what will stand out a bit is that at level 1 it already has two abilities. Flying and shield. This reminds me of Manticore, but here Gloridax is a rare! Now on my first ever battle using it I got a win! Here is the battle.

The Battle

The battle limited with 42 Mana and rule sets target practice and melee mayhem. With a decent quantity of mana I lean toward dragon splinter with Daria since all splinters except water was allowed. Also most of my high mana monsters are dragons. Main splinter in my formation is fire as I currently can play a couple max fire monsters.

My Formation

With Daria I focused on melee and used Lava as my tanker while having Vigilator, Gloridax, Manticore, and Red Dragon with solid melee attacks. I then finish with Hobgoblin for a total of 20 melee in attack. Vigilator and Red dragon also have range and magic attacks respectively to stack on the offense.

My Opponent's Formation

My opponent also uses dragon splinter with death as main splinter. Their focus is on magic and range monsters as 4 out of 6 monsters. While Undead Rexx is the only melee monster. Most monsters were also higher level compared to monsters I used, but position of the monsters seems to be less advantageous. For instance Prismatic Energy being in the middle of the formation while the Cube being their tanker is more like passive aggressive. Not using melee mayhem rule set to their advantage.

The Battle Results

The battle starts off with quick knockouts between both parties. What allow me to have the advantage was once I knocked out their magic and melee monsters they were really down to one monster since the range monsters could not attack at front position. The tankers monsters on both sides were useful in the match but luckily my tanker held up long enough for the remaining monsters to knock out my opponents.

By the time I won my battle my Gloridax Soldier was standing at the front of the formation. Nice way to end it with a win! If you are interested in watching the match here is a link..

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Very nice win! good choices in monsters, i've used that same line-up with some variation too.