Splinterlands - My Season Rewards

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This week I had okay earnings with Splinterlands rewards. I got at best an orb, but a lot of common cards and small amount of DEC. No gold foil nor any card higher than rare. The potions I have been saving for purchase of packs will still add up. I will hopefully save enough potions in a couple more months to actually be able to use is when I open a bundle of card packs.

There is a lot to be bullish about Splinterlands. For one starting June 1st they will operate on HIve blockchain and abandon Steem all together. I believe this will hurt Steem price while help Hive. Furthermore DEC price has been rising rapidly and nearly close to par value $0.001.

The game Splinterlands is getting popular and market cap is near all time highs! As of today
Total Steem Monsters Market Cap: $4,640,312

The max market cap is just a little over $100k from today's value. Exciting times ahead.

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Nice orb are more valuable then the reward cards... what you get from Orb opening?

Each orb is five cards and they are promo edition. So good cards to have and use as they give bonus DEC earning for each win when used.