Splinterlands - Opportunity (Weekly Battle Post)

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When Untamed cards were released within a week I found Opportunity ability being my favorite ability out of all the ones that allows monsters to attack besides being in the front position. The main reasons I prefer opportunity over sneak and reach is that opportunity focuses on attacking weakest opponent for instant kill while not required to be at the front of formation. Almost like stealth kill ability. So cool! Here is a battle where I used a Serpentine Spy that has the opportunity ability.

The Battle

The battle limited with 23 mana and had the abilities target practice and lost legends. In addition since water and life splinters were not allow in the match the next best formation I had was fire. It turned out to be a wise choice as my opponent used earth splinter which gave my fire splinter a slight advantage.

My Formation

Cerberus was my tank monster at the front and Giant Roc with reach ability was behind. Then I went with Serpentine Spy, Ettin Spearman, and Kobold Miner to attack from the middle of the formation. I ended in the sixth position Furious Chicken.

My Opponent's Formation

My opponent uses mostly reward cards and starts off with Rusty Android. Then goes with Brownie, Nymh, Mushroom, Archer, and ends with one beta card in Earth Elemental. Even before the match was to start I knew I had the upper hand since my opponent mostly used rewards cards. This is not to day rewards cards are bad at all. It is just the limitation it has compared to actual cards in Beta and Untamed series.

The Battle Results

The battle was quick and my Serpentine Spy played a key role in winning the match. Basically the Spy knocked out Brownie and finished off a couple of my opponent's monster. On my end only Ettin Spearman was knocked out and even that monster was able to withstand a couple rounds of attacks. If you are interested in watching the match here is a link..

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Posted via neoxian.city | The City of Neoxian

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