Independence Of Congo - 60 Years

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Hello Hive,

Today we celebrate the 60 years of the independance of my native country the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC.

As I do not know a lot about my country history, I have asked @mister-koy, who I met trough Instagram to collaborate with me and to make a good post about this day.

Kingdom Kongo was originally the richest country in the world but one of the most exploited and therefore one of the most corrupt and poor countries in the world. The soils of the DRC Congo are full of multiple resources. Like natural rubber, copper, cobalt, coltan, gold, diamond, oil... It seems we have everything...

The country is home to the Congo River separating the DRC from the Congo. The river is the 2th largest in Africa.

It was during the conference in Berlin that the nation was given to one man, in 1885 the terrorist and torturer King Leopold II.

He goveirn with one opression system. He offered the Congo in 1908 to Belgium. The capital will be called Léopoldville.

The country was renamed Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC at the proclamation of the new constitution on the first August 1964 and later Zaire from 1971 to 1997 and then nowadays DRC.



Charles de Gaules came to Africa to and give independence to the neighboring countries and it was there that the Congolese people reclaimed their own independence.

Government workers such as the soldiers were fed up with their Western-dominated work leaders. It was at this time that Patrice Emery Lumumba had a huge impact.

The Belgians held the Congolese people and locked up Lumumba in view of its popularity which was considered like a danger. Lumumba was notably part of the Congolese nationalist movement.

They only gave the appearance of independence. In 1956 the Belgians decided to proclaim 30 years later the independence of the Congo. Not everyone agreed. It was only a conspiracy.



June 30. To some it’s a regular day. However, if you travel to the center of Africa, in the second biggest country of the continent, you will sure find a whole nation celebrating. Military parades, kids singing, women dancing. In fact, they’re celebrating their independence from the kingdom of Belgium.

Up until 60 years ago, Congo was under the colony of Belgium. The atrocities that happened to them is common knowledge. The feeling of being second class citizens, in your own country, finally came to a boil and Belgium was left with no choice but to grant a quick independence.

To some, the real independence of Congo is June 29, the eve of the official day. On the day, the king of Belgium was riding in an open top car, basking in the cheers of his subjects for the last time in a parade. Then enters a certain AMBROISE BOIMBO. Former soldier in the colonial army. Little is known about him. On that day, he gave his people the symbol of power, by stealing the sword from the king, in broad daylight!!!

A daring move that probably took months to plan.

The king never recovered his sword and until today, no one know exactly where the sword is or what happened to Ambroise afterwards.

Unfortunately, that’s the only time the Congolese can say they were independent because, 60 years later, they’re still living in misery, this time the source of their misery is their own people. Yet, we still celebrate that day, the day that many lost their lives over. Today, the struggle continues!!!!



As you know, independence was proclaimed on 30 June 1960 as the "Republic of the Congo". Lumumba as Prime Minister and Joseph Kasa-Vubu as President.

The problem was that the Congolese had no rights. There was no management, property and titles had been given away. Moreover their generals were and remained Western. Nothing had actually changed.

The CIA with the help of Joseph Désiré Mobutu ended up assassinating Lumumba on 11 january 1961. He is and is considered until now as a pacifist leader of the Congolese nation and of Africa. A national hero.

Moise Tshombe was then overthrown in turn by Mobutu who became president in 1965. The actual president is Félix Tshisekedi.

Belgium has always struggled to detach itself from its colony of the Congo. Until now and today, this State remains in the same ideology.

The Congo is so rich that our soil will never be at peace. Everyone wants to take their share of the cake.



DRC Congo has not evolved. The country has been taken from its own resources and if the local economy and wealth is not taken back, there will never be a free Congo or land again.

Furthermore, imagine that the central digital server of the Congo is located in Rwanda. How will we be able to free ourselves from our dependence and control when all our assets are held by outsiders who have no desire to bring about any development and have no ties other than their own personal interest?

Belgium has drawn its honour, wealth and pride in the whole world from colonisation and the Congo. Here are some of Belgium's prestige items: Tintin in Congo, the diamond of Antwerp, Belgian chocolate, the Royal Museum of Tervuren...

More resources are exploited, the more conflicts, wars, massacres, rapes and injustices will occur.

When will real independence be proclaimed ?

I have made this post with 👉 @mister-koy. All tribute will be given to him for a welcome gift 😌😎

Thanks to all with love and hugs. 😚

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Happy Independent day Congo 🙂

Thank you very much my friend 😊😊

You are welcome ☺

This post is very relevant. It's a MUST.

Thank you for allowing us to know a little more about the history of your country the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the end that story is part of everyone's story.

Here in Venezuela - South America, we have lived similar situations regarding the exploitation of our natural resources and the eradication of the native indigenous.

Belonging to a country colonized by greedy foreigners to become a country destroyed and corrupted by its own people, is not a trace that is easily erased from the skin.

It's interesting how despite being thousands of miles away, speaking different languages and having different political contexts, we have gone through the same thing. Because human evil is only one.

And it's something that will continue to happen until we learn to see humanity and nature united as a whole.

Thank you very much for sharing ♥️♥️

Thank you so much my gemini twin @vicvperezdelara,

Yes, we have ty to make a post which can bring some different points of views.

Africa and South America have very similar history and process of colonialism, you are right. That's crazy how deep and organised history is...

Now, it's time to learn, informative about everything to our own culture and change mentality little by little. Improvement will comes from us at first and later the entire world.

I really dream for a world like Hive; Free with respect, consideration, unification and creative sphere with the Nature respect.

Thanks for your reading 😚😘

Yeeees!!! I always think that a world like hive It can be possible ♥️

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