Impact of Social Media

in The City of Neoxian2 days ago

The more social media you are using the more individual you will become. I have read this somewhere. And also it's a popular belief that social media is the key reason to increase individualism. It's maybe true to some extent but there're so many things behind this.

I mean, there are so different types of social media from group chat to content-based, from dating sites to picture sharing. So it's really hard to come to any conclusion.



There's always a conflict between individualism and social norms. People want to be social, love to be social but the lifestyle, personal egos and uncomfortable struggle prevail us from being social. Rather we choose social media to express ourselves.

But as social media creates a chance to show fake emotions, so we are actually talking about that opportunity. But if we see the broader picture, we are becoming more social on the other hand. Like, an area with a low population can reach each other easily. Or even through different sites people can get help, meet new friends with similar interests and many more.

There is actually a wide-open door to search and expand our world. So, I think it's up to us whether we want to be social or individual. As a whole, the key is in our hand and it depends on how to use that.

There's also another debate that, social media is not actually social anymore. It's more like a business. But you always can choose how you want to use your social media account. Like if we want to only friends with the people we know, if we don't want to see ads, if we want to get rid of the influencer's so-called influence; totally possible. So, as I have said earlier it's actually up to us what we want to do with social media.

We can use social media for so many things and individualism is the least option here. So if you choose so, maybe you will be the looser. That's what I believe.