Making a 'living' and making a 'life'!

in The City of Neoxian7 days ago

What to choose a better living or a better life? It's an ongoing struggle in everyone's life. We can't also manage to balance the two because it's really challenging to do so. And most of us end up with frustration, anxiety or lose the joy of living.



So, what to do? What should we choose? And how we can choose the best?

Prioritize your life. See what makes you happy. Your living or your life. You will get the answer easily on what you need to work on.

There are no strict rules that you have to do this or that; or maybe there are rules but nobody is bund to follow them, right? I think we shouldn't feel guilty if we choose living over life or vice versa. But it's up to you and I'm making it an open question so anyone can choose what they think they need.

Now if you want to balance the two then you can practice some simple yet helpful things.

  • Don't bring your work at home.
  • Prioritize both of your life; work and personal.
  • Develop yourself in both lives.
  • Be a good family member/parents and be a good worker.

It's really hard to balance, I know. But we need to understand that it's okay to fail sometimes, it's okay to make some mistakes. We have to catch up as soon as we realize that. Also, if anyone chooses one thing over another, there shouldn't be any judgment. Because this is how they are. All can't be the same and accepting that it is real maturity.

If you ask me what's the best I believe. Well, it's up to you but for me, I would try to find the balance. Life needs a living and a 'life' both. So, it's better to have both of them and everything altogether!


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