You are unique and powerful

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There is something about you the world needs to see.


There is something amazing about you that needs to be explored.

I want to tell you that the world is ever ready to celebrate that thing you carry.

But to some people, they are yet to understand who they really are and what they carry.


But the question is, how long will you continue to hide that which the world quest to see?
How long?

You are unique and powerful if you didn't know.
I am here to tell you, you are amazing.
You are the way you are because you have refused to speak out.

You are a light that brightens the world.
I want to encourage you right now to come out and shine, shine so bright so the world can ask you how did you do it.

There are people whose duty on here is just to make you feel inferior, make you feel there is no light in you, I just want to tell you right now to ignore them.

They will always mock you, have it at the back of your heart that this is how they will always do it.

Have it at the back of your heart too that they will want you to believe in something you have never seen before but the question is, how can you believe in something you have never seen before?

You might not have been at where you have always wanted to be but you should not allow that weigh you down.

Let me simply tell you this, years back, I met a kind man who said so many things about CONSISTENCY.

according to him, he said consistency is golden.
If you do not give up, you are going to smile soon. I know how hard it is most times but I just want to tell you that days and days are not the same. Better and beautiful days ahead.

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We have entered a new week, forget about that which you couldn't achieve last week.
Focus on the new week, be positive and stay connected.

I celebrate your success in advance.
Go immediately and be successful

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