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HP 27 Black Original Ink Cartridge (C8727AN)

I did end up paying over $31 for this damn thing at Walmart today. :( I needed to print some stuff though for political stuff for this weekend so I paid it. :( You can find it for half the price or even cheaper online. I'd post the lowest price I found but I might need to buy another cartridge as well.

This was kind of cool to learn about. This is for the state of Michigan.,4551,7-119-9741_12798-230395--,00.html

Friday 2-7


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That's f'ed up man! I think you can get better deals with Epson printers. A friend of mine has an Epson color printer, and he can attach whole bottles of ink to the cartridges. Costs almost nothing.

Check out my new post.

I think I can get like $3,000 worth of ink cartridges for like $25! :)

Walmart was a killer though. I'm already out of the ink and only did like 100-200 pages. I switched the font to save on ink but I changed the font after I ran out.

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