Card purchase contract: Gold Foil Prince Julian

in The City of Neoxian4 months ago

Neoxian @neoxian shall purchase one Gold Foil Prince Julian from @shoemanchu for the sum of 20000 Steem (valued roughly at 3500 usd at the time of this writing.)

(pic of Prince Julian)

Card has already been delivered, payment shall be delivered upon receipt of powerdown.

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Thank you Sir Neo, I'm just glad to be apart of our wonderful journey in this @splinterlands journey and Cryptocurrency space. This is just a continuation of legitimizing our space. Blessed to be here and blessed to be in the greatest City Neoxian.... Thanks again @neoxian

This is totally awesome and fantastic for the game!! Congrats on you both for this newsworthy deal :)

(Perhaps I will write a post on how this sale affects the value of the Gold Archmage Arius :) )

Thanks @goldmatters much appreciated.

This is awesome. Happy to see trades like this!!

Holy shit! That's awesome. Congrats to you both!

Thanks @aggroed

Thanks @clove71

 4 months ago (edited)

Heheh congrats on your GOld foil Baby Neo sir. Only you can buy this card lucky shoe😂 I am expecting regular one on ts Neo sir :P

This is really a big deal.

Wow! Congratulations!

This is so awesome! What a great card!

Congrats on the deal.

That's some great use of the blockchain :)

wow what a great motivation, to continue playing and add other people to the game and the platform

And I thought my $80 sale was a landmark..😅 😅

Wow that is some card

Wow. Congrats.

That's insane! congrats @shoemanchu, you got it!

Congrats for such a huge card sale. That created some buzz about the game.

I am jealous of the buyer and the seller at the same time. Love it.

Wow. Thats huge

Congratulations my friend, am so happy for you bro, lucky is you name forever. @shoemanchu.💯🙏💓🙏

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Hey sell me some gold cards too!!!

We now know the actual value of the card! 12K was a bit steep.


Great pull though I could use a 3,500 dollar card to buy a new lawn mower lol.


Wow what a great trade!
I probably would sell my max Alpha Collection for that kind of money...if you interested let me know!

@neoxian Congratulations!


Nice card, Congratulations!

Wow I wouldn't wanna face him in battle.

What are you gonna do with all that steem @shoemanchu ?

Wow, crazy amount and greater than a salary that someone could take in a month. The financial of this game is just crazy!

Congratulations shoe! Now buy max decks with that and play more!

Awesome stuff!