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Hello all, I just want to repeat that I have been working with @eonwarped to move my Tribe, City of Neoxian over to Hive as best I can.

I will summarize the current setup:

  • Using to post will generate a Hive post and will not generate a Steem post

  • The ScotBot will look at the Hive chain for neoxian posts and will ignore the Steem chain. This means that your neoxian tagged posts on Steem will no longer be rewarded with my tokenneoxag.

  • When using, you need both Steem Keychain and Hive Keychain.

  • Keep in mind that the neoxag itself still exists on the Steem Chain, in Steem-Engine. When Hive-Engine is created, I have plans to move the neoxag over to Hive-Engine, and airdrop the tokens over.

I think that about sums it up for now.

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Quick reaction. Nice work!!, you need both Steem Keychain and Hive Keychain.

Guess I'd better get hive keychain installed ASAP, I can't seem to get it to work with Firefox.

Great information to know, thanks for keeping us informed.

Would like to find out if you intent on continuing your loan services on both steem and hive?

On Steem: absolutely not
On Hive: maybe

Alright thanks for the information

Btw, you might want to change your bio on hive.

Great update!

@neoxian Hello! Greetings, what a great idea! Greetings to this great community! I have asked myself many times whether to publish for this community or not! I want to share my ideas and contributions with all of you, what kind of content do you accept in your Tribe? I love photographs, nature, I make many abstract creations. I want to know what kind of content I can share with you, so that it gets a good reception. Greetings! I like the name of this community by the way!

My tribe is a general purpose forum, so just about any high quality work is welcome.

@neoxian Perfect I will share one of my creations with all of you to see how it goes! Greetings!

good to see the migration and HIVE support!

awesome update Neo sir

do you still need palnet as a tag?

The rule about having a palnet tag was a city discord rule, which is currently relaxed given the chaos. But palnet isn't required to show up in the site or to earn neoxag.

So is the tag to be used now?

neoxian is the tag

Thanks for the update boss.

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