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Post rewards sent to NULL.


I was stolen from after all, here is the screenshot of the theft transaction.

May 19th, 2020

Screenshot shows I current hold 218679 steem, valued at 38924 usd.


:stars: Steem Monsters Stats for: neoxian :stars:
Number of cards: 1297 - Alpha: 216 - Beta: 215 - Promo: 68 - Reward: 151 - Untamed: 647
Common: 461, Rare: 483, Epic: 185, Legendary: 168

Gold cards: 294 ## BCX: 69094 ## Value: $ 33436.2

I hold 33436 usd worth of Splinterlands cards.

Also Steem engine tokens:

20105 SMTT
11780 STEEMP

Just documenting all this in case something happens.

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It is sick what is happening. It seems like a bad joke.

I don't know what to Say Neo sir I can just hope nothing will happen and they will have some sense. ;(

I sure hope nothing happens. 🙏

ridiculous situation. i hope nothing happens that's alot of money

You put march 19 instead of may 19 on the post :^)

thanks, corrected

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

All the best! Nice collection of cryptos!

Fingers crossed. That hardfork is really stupid if it's real.

Spoiler: it's real.

I took one snap of my Steem wallet too.