My Policy on Steem cross posting/steem supporters

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  • I don't plan on flagging anyone for this reason
  • There is no blacklist.

City of Neoxian

My city of Neoxian has two parts. The forum, which is, and my discord. The forum is sort of like the outer city, or suburbs, while the Discord is my trusted inner sanctum.

The policy of the Forum:

There will be no ban in on posts that were cross posted to Steem. However, I will prefer not to vote on such posts. I'm allowed to have preferences aren't I? To be honest, I may end up voting on them anyways, if I'm in a hurry and there is nothing else around, and I don't have time to look it up.

Also I'm totally fine with anti-steem, anti-Justin Sun, anti-Tron posts, even if they are cross posted.

The city Discord

If you are a Steem cross poster/supporter, then you will be allowed to join the discord. You will be given the rank of "city guest". As a guest you may not participate in any giveaways, or any of the post promotion channels, not allowed to have a higher rank or hold any sort of city job, nor be allowed in the Splinterlands guild.

I will prefer not to do business with Steem supporters/cross posters

Again, I'm allowed to have preferences right? I'm allowed to do business with whoever I like. I shall not be loaning money, or renting delegations, or anything else with known Steem supporters.

Grace period until June 30th

I get that many people are still powering down their Steem and posting before they are out, so I'll delay this policy until June 30th.

  • I don't plan on flagging anyone for this reason
  • There is no blacklist.
    (It was worth saying twice)

Can't wait for commenters below to tell me I'm not allowed to have preferences....

You have the freedom to post wherever you like. I have the freedom to vote for whoever I like. Everyone has freedom.

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Have not posted on STEEM since January, and once I heard about the fork thanks to the banner on Steempeak, I moved myself to HIVE. I'm even considering removing all my Steem posts from Steem since they were conveniently ported over to HIVE when the fork happened.

I started my last STEEM powerdown 3 days ago and also moved all my STEEM SBI over to HIVE SBI :D

Thanks you have made the right choice.

I cannot wait until my last power down. 2 more weeks. I haven’t posted on steem though for a long time. I’m full time hive. Thanks for the update.

Awesome idea! Justin Sun is a mental baby and he should be avoided at all costs. Even so, I just started playing Splinterlands and I need funds so I feel like cross-posting onto Steem will boost my earnings. My real allegiance is with HIVE though! Let's keep buzzing!

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Thats where I am at with it right now. Isnt Splinerlands still thru Steem as well? Ive been away for a little bit so I may just be behind on updates.

Nope, Splinterlands has finally moved to HIVE :)

I went and found that out shortly after I posted. Glad to see it. Time to power down my Steem. Buy some HIVE.

Life is about choices - which leads to preferences which you are most certainly allowed to have . 😀 Your timeliness is also gracious of you.

Well said.
Have a great weekend, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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You're not allowed to have preferences 😂
There you go 🤣

In all seriousness though, this is perfectly fair and I don’t really see anyone having problems with this.

I thinks its fair and alerting people with a timeline shows they arent just trying to screw people over on Steem.

 4 months ago 

I have the freedom to vote for whoever I like. Everyone has freedom.

Indeed and we are always here with you and policy is 100% legit

Super cool

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I sure hope the Dragon King has preferences. Lots and lots of individual preferences. Preferring preferences over prejudices is a solid plan, indeed.

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Haven't been posting much on Steem anyway, my last few posts always had a banner.png "You will find me on HIVE!" picture as their surveillance algos can't read text as a graphics file. Just to put in another plug for HIVE and point people to the life boats.

I have made the decision to cross post on occasion to both platforms. Tho I will continue to give HIVE first dibs on my work and most of the time I will vary the product offered to said other chain. HIVE gets my focus. WHY? Because the experience here is so much richer. If the HIVE witnesses and developers continue to work as stellar as you guys have been and continue to offer up this kind of product, there's nothing and mean nothing to worry about. The developers here are painting in full technicolor and alas the other guy is still using only monochrome.

Let people have their sovereignty and make their own decision.

Oprah Winfrey once said ... I'm paraphrasing ... excellence is the best defence. Trying to control what is out of your control takes away from excellence. Squabbling takes away from excellence.

Just keep being awesome and everyone will flock to HIVE. It is a great place. Good vibes keep it that way.

I always post Hive first, but until my Steem can be converted I’m still posting to take as much from Justin Sun as possible.

Hmm. Ive been leaving my Steem and allowing my autovotes to make me more Steem so I see how that investment goes. Not sure where I will stand on this one. I love Neoxian but I also like keeping my investments going where they are at the moment. I dont crosspost tho, so maybe it wont matter. I totally understand the feelings about Steem. Is this just for people who crosspost, or people who post/upvote on steem at all?

Will you stop down-voting those who use both platforms? Will you stop blocking the use of NEOXAG votes and earnings for those using both platforms?

I agree you have the right to your opinion, I only take issue with down-voting those using both platforms or those curation projects that are helping the new or small user. I would never expect an up-vote due to your feelings of what happened and I cannot imagine any of my subscribers or followers to expect it either, if they use both platforms. It was definitely wrong for JS to do what he did. But none of us did it.

I was in the processes of getting out of steemit when a lot of negative things happened. I have been on my own since I was 13 y/o and never liked being "forced" into taking certain actions. Thus I have not continued the process of getting out...

I am not posting using either platform for my personal account. I am winding down. I am tired of the dramma. But, the curation project is helping hundreds per week with curating (even some of your followers), and it will continue with me either delegating or moving my coin/tokens to them (curation project). I am paying people to do most of the work on the project. I want the curation account to continue helping people. I would appreciate the down-voting to stop on the curation account. I would also appreciate being able to access NEOXAG I own and the earnings from it.

You state "I don't plan on flagging anyone for this reason"
"There is no blacklist."

It is regrettable that JS did to you and other what he did. I have said it before we did not do it and should not be "punished" for JS's actions. Your opinion of not liking the use of steemit is understandable and I respect that opinion. It is the creation of the blacklist (not by you), and blocking from using my NEOXAG, and the down-voting that I have a problem with.


 4 months ago (edited)

Will you stop down-voting those who use both platforms?

Will you stop beating your wife? Same type of question. I never started down-voting those who used both platforms, therefore I cannot stop doing it. When you ask this type of loaded question, then I wonder whether you are interested in engaging in an actual discussion, or if you just want to plant your soapbox on my back and deliver your speech. (The people I downvoted, I did because they were being rude and disrespectful of me, not because they were using both platforms.)

Also I would appreciate it if you could make some attempt to actually learn how the Scot-Tribe system works. Because you are accusing me of things that are impossible, which makes you look foolish.

I do not have the power to block your neoxag token from voting. Repeat, I don't have this power, it is impossible. Therefore, I could not have blocked your neoxag power.

What I can do however, is mute either an account or a tag from receiving a neoxag vote, which I have done. For example, I have tag muted "zzan" and "sct" posts from being rewarded neoxag. So if you voted on a such a post, then yes your power would be "blocked". This isn't targeted specifically at you, it applies to anyone who tries to vote. I would be willing to lift the mute from your accounts and possibly other accounts. But I'm not willing to remove the tag mutes, that is non-negotiable.

Speaking of negotiation, this is something you are particularly bad at. King r2cornel makes a list of demands for me. What do I get out of it? I already attempted to speak with you rationally in my discord and I had restored you there, but you rewarded me the next day by trash talking me and telling lies and half-truths about me. So basically you taught me that there is no point in talking with you.

Regardless of what I do, you are going to dump Hive and neoxag into the dirt right? Meh.

For what it's worth, I am willing to stop downvoting you and your curation account, and wasn't planning on downvoting those others either (unless I'm provoked again.)

"Speaking of negotiation, this is something you are particularly bad at. King r2cornal makes a list of demands for me. What do I get out of it? I already attempted to speak with you rationally in my discord and I had restored you there, but you rewarded me the next day by trash talking me and telling lies and half-truths about me. So basically you taught me that there is no point in talking with you." ......................

You had down-voted my curation account before the discussion on your Discord Channel (report #34 I believe)...I was already blocked before that...I did not talk trash about you after the discussion on discord channel, or before. I have not been posting. Only the curation account posts. So there was no post to trash talk anyone. I do not write the curation reports so no trash talk there...No sure where you are seeing that, except on @arcange's post which was very recent. And it was happening from both of us. And many others as well...Lots of people were upset, not just me and you. Did I go overboard? without going back and reading it I would say regrettably yes I probably did.

Why would I dump NEOXAG to negatively impact the price when it would only hurt my future sales? I am not willing to short change myself on the value of any token. As to Hive most of it is going to my curation account. I am selling some of everything because I have something I need to pay off. But it is not a very large percentage. So dumping to drive down the price will only hurt myself.

I am not being paid for my staked NEOXAG. Even those who do get a vote and they receive NEOXAG, I am not receiving my percentage. If that is the case then it is not worth me holding onto it. There is still a million staked, but if it does not earn me anything, keeping it staked makes no sense to me. If I was continuing to earn it would be worth keeping some staked.

I was not trying to negotiate, I was trying to find out if you were going to continue to down-vote my curation account. It sounds like my staked NEOXAG will not be earn anything if I am understanding what I am reading.

With regards to your staked neoxag. You should be earning your curation awards and your stake mining award. I can't stop you from earning these, and wouldn't even if I could. If you really think you are not earning as you should, then maybe it's a bug with the Hive engine? Please contact the Hive Engine team and report it as a bug, or provide me the data and I can report the bug.

Thank you for the information I appreciate it. I will monitor hive-engine and see what happens overnight. I will check with them first and if it still does not work (receiving payments) I will let you know. Means a lot you saying that.

As for the rest, it may not mean much, but I apologize for my behavior and statements in @arcange's post. I was very upset over everything that was happening, and can better understand your being as upset as you are over what JS did to you.

Thank you, I also apologize to you for taking action against you without chatting with you first. My bad there, so it's understandable you might assume the worst. Also I have removed all the flags I gave your accounts recently.

 4 months ago (edited)

I cannot thank you enough for this apology. It means a lot. The earnings have little meaning for me but it does to be able to build the curation account to help more users. I hope you can understand how this touches me.

I know I said I was getting out of blogging because all the drama. But that is only part of it. My wife's dementia is getting worse and demands on my time is difficult, especially with all my other responsibilities. And her other health issues are taking its toll on her as well. I have a wonderful daughter that has and is my anchor. But is still difficult emotionally and with not enough sleep.

So thank you again!

A power down takes 13 weeks and so your justification of delay is flawed. I agree with all of the policies you have set forth though.

I hope the slaves of neoxian still care for the truth in Libya. Please cover some real news from time to time. Citizen = Slave

Steem changed their powerdown to 4 weeks, so your comment is flawed. The rest of your comment is not worth spending any of my mental energy on.

So a well thought out flawed comment is considered spam within such a service. Good to know.

Geez. This is a upvoting service, not an actual city. Calm the fuck down nut. And if you want more posts about Libya or anywhere else, post them and tag it properly. Learn how the very service you complain about works before spamming it with your patreon links.

I clicked to reply to this comment btw.