Neoxian City weekly paper ( Marriage in Neoxian City, @neoxiancityvb upgrade, Minetest updates, Outstanding Citizen award, Curation Station and more! )

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Welcome to the Neoxian City weekly

Welcome folks to your weekly installment of what's going down in the City of Neoxian. If you haven't already, come in and join us in our discord to see what the latest is.



Remember and use @neoxiancityvb for neoxag and hive upvotes

Thanks to the awesome coding skills of @reazuliqbal, @neoxiancityvb now gives out votes on hive. Send in max 500 neoxag for an upvote!! It's a good way to use your Neoxag instead of trading it!

Check our discord for details:


Marriage in Neoxian City

Well Man has given himself away to Linco. In a beautiful marriage ceremony of both African and Bangla culture, the two men celebrated the moment through an on the spot giveaway from Lord (and Pastor as well now, I guess) Neoxian.

Xawi caught the Bride's Boquet!


Minetest updates

Implementing NFTs in the near future (we are looking for a developer)

We are currently looking for an in-game developer. Come in our discord and give @raymondspeaks a message for more details.

We will also be launching on Hive when we have a developer.


Get better votes by using the website!

Please remember to use our website, it doesn't cost you anything. By only using our tag there is a 20% levvy on your neoxag earnings.


Outstanding Citizen award

Dragon @raymondspeaks has taken it upon himself to offer no less than 3,000 Neoxag on the second Sunday of each month to one lucky winner.

This is quite a leap from every week, but to prevent empty slots where there are no winners, he thought that running the award monthly would prevent that.

Make no mistake, this is an award that will be given to people for helping, sharing and giving, rather than taking and selling.

The next prize will be no less than 1 HOT token and is currently valued at 100 Steem.

This award cannot be earned, it can only be given -- by that it means you can nominate someone, but you cannot vote for yourself. If no Citizens are chosen then the pool will roll over to the following week.

This month's winner is @Rehan

Congratulations @rehan12 you win 5,000 staked neoxag & 1 HOT

I chose Rehan because of his exceptional call to duty in these key areas:

  • Being an exceptional curator (I haven't once needed to prompt him)
  • Setting up giveaways
  • Generally being a really decent person

This is now the Twenty-fifth week @raymondspeaks has done this, and that has been 31,000 neoxag stake & 1 HOT he has given away.

To clarify -- you'll need to be in our server to be a Outstanding Citizen, an invite is here:


We are one of the most active discords on Hive!!

Neoxian City is one of the most active Discords on Hive from what I have personally observed, and what other people keep telling me. We are active for the most part all around the clock. Our residents span from Australia right over to California; so our timezones cover a massive 21 hours!

Come in and say hi -- we don't bite :)


Where do you fit into the City of Neoxian?

A lot of people come here and get sucked into the friendliness of our server. Some people want to take on roles in the city, others just want to chat and have a good time. There's nothing wrong with either!

What we haven't seen many of though is those wanting to create new roles and responsibilities for themselves in Neoxian City. Our Dragonmaster Neoxian is always open to new ideas.

Do you have a special talent? Let us see! Come in and see if you can do something for us -- we encourage growth here. What benefits us, also benefits you.

We have already started a School, A minetest server, A banking service, games, and so much more.

What can you bring to us?


Curation Station!

Our curators regularly scour the whole of Neoxian to find the best and sometimes most undervalued work to send into planetary orbit with our humungous weighted curation trail. If you observe our tribe we have one of the best trending pages and that is because our administration team weight the trail down with their HUGE votes.

These are our picks:

Please note: We only support original content here.We will exact vengeance with extreme prejudice on plagiarists and spammers. So we want to see you unleash that creativity of yours. When you create you get better at what you do. When you plagiarise it is a wasted effort, and we don't like wastefulness or laziness here.

We also take our tags seriously. So please try and use the relevant tags as we will only vote on those with them. We won't be voting a picture of your cat with SPT for example. SPT is for Steemonsters.


Our best picks of the week will be featured on our weekly newspaper highlights.

Best picks of the week

Our first pick of the week is from @gloriaolar

New drawing


Here is an awesome drawing of an African lady. Much talent here.

Curated by @afolwalex


Our Next pick of the week is from @h-hamilton

Cute Pug with Birthday Hat , digital painting


This is another painting with steps. The author made digital painting look real.

Curated by @afolwalex


Our next pick of the week is from @gentleshaid

After the virus challenge: Propping up your Immune system against COVID-19 and its allies


Propping up the immune system against Covid-19 and it's allies. Interesting read.

Curated by @udezee


Our next pick of the week is from @zayedsakib

Owls Never Die Twice.


Captivating fiction, written along the crime genre.

Curated by @udezee


Our next pick of the week is from @kalemandra

Amazing nature - Nature is closer than you think!


This lock down is having a toll on us all. While in this blog the author shared some of the views of the nature. I miss going out of my home and the lock down period is extending in many countries. Stay safe!
Curated by @rehan12


Our next pick of the week is from @tattoodjay

Trees by the Mondo Pond Walking trail


The author shared a day experience with us all, in this phase pf lockdown.

Curated by @rehan12


Our next pick of the week is from @alarconzeu

Barbarian ⚔️ Clash of Clans ⚔️ Drawing


Very cool art representation of Barbarian from Clash of Clans

Curated by @xawi


Our next pick of the week is from @razaoktafian

Gapang Beach - A place of paradise for the beauty of clean white sand | HIVEPEDIA #6


I like this series hivepedia always nice to know more about cool places around the world. And gapang beach has been added to my wish list :stuck_out_tongue: XD

Curated by @xawi


Our next pick of the week is from @masummim50

Hybrid Titan from 'Attack on titan', trying a new software


Quite stunning "Hybrid Titan" digital painting with steps

Curated by @axeman


Our next pick of the week is from @maxwellmarcusart

Line Art - Portraiture


Amazing example of line-art portraiture. Drawing steps provided and interesting

Curated by @axeman

Our next pick of the week is from @luciannagy

While Time is passing by ... inside this Cryptonian Planet


Positive vibes and good advice that could assist us all.

Curated by @thereikiforest


Our next pick of the week is from @zumed

Barney loves the shoot


Family pets are awesome! I am particularly fond of dogs..they are fabulous. Here we meet @zumed's adorable & loyal pet Barney.

Curated by @thereikiforest


This is our weekly edition of NeoxianCity Newspaper. We would like to congratulate all the featured Authors. keep up the high-quality original content-generating work.

WE BURNED 326 NEOXAG(Previous Paper rewards) THIS WEEK



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For further details & information join Neoxian City discord server


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Aww you guys picked my story.. I feel so humbled right now.. thank you @udezee my man..

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Keep up the good work buddy 😉

Xawi caught the Bride's Boquet!

heheh :P XD

yes next city marriage is coming up XD
and yea our city paper is amazingly amazing

Good luck with the transfer. Hope it all goes smoothly and I see you on the other side fully operational.

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@neoxiancity Super!!

If you tried to join the discord recently, please try again, thanks.

Awesome paper as always. An honor to be part of the city! Good things are acoming up! Regards bros.