Happiness And Unhappiness

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When we find out that we are in difficulties situation and the situation is really beyond our control, we don't need to be sad about it but rather to smile over it so that it won't affect so many things in our system, what make people to seems problems very difficult is that we find it more funny to understand the concept of life when it comes to difficulties but many people have been able to cross a difficulties line and a very though time because of the advice and encouragement giving by people and the word of advice so we need to know that encouragement give us hope and let us to forget about our past fears in and it's gives us hope to continue without any depression at the end because depression can only affects it more rather than providing a great solution to the problems, life is like a moving truck that can get to different destination within a short period of time.

The most saddest moment is what get people out of the ways to success, they believe to achieve something it as to be straight forward rather than passing through a lot things before it can be achievevable but what we need to be encourage ourselves to continue moving forward and give a full support in a way to be successfully in our journey of life and provide more power and give more strength to continue no matter how the situation or challenges that can be facing in the process. When a soldiers go to the battle field sometime in the battle field soldiers get scare at the point of the battle but the word of encouragement giving by there comrade and the training to be the winners in the battle field, give them more courage and strength to win the battle even if they are still passing through a lot of difficulties.

However, happiness becomes free only when we don't have the saddest moment because you can be always sad and still expect to be happy, what you need is to either chose one of the two concept but sometime we may have the power to change course of someone life by giving them the words of encouragement just for them to be what there are capable worth in there dealings to greatness every moment of there life, let them understand that the choices belongs to them, they should either be happy or be saddest and make them know the important of life when they find out the real meaning of the existence, life without a challenges is never complete but ability to move a long with it give them head over the situation and it's only things that can make them to a winner.

Before I drop my pen for today, happiness is free but don't always expect it from anybody, believes in yourself about something very important gives you a great happiness at the end of it, when you see people around you that already give up or depressed to life, it is now your responsibility to find a way to tell him or her that you still have believes in them. there is power inside the word I still have believe in you, its our responsibility to gives us hope to success, new ways, new plan to our various destination and it provide more solution and information about the problems let them understand the reason why they need to be continue with there life, life without a small challenges will never end in great but when you find yourself in the situation, just pick yourself up and continue with your life.

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