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When you find out that you have being liked by the people, you need to be very careful with your approach because some people are waiting for you to be mock from act of there jealousy but you need to understand that there is gap between being liked and being valued in the society. It is something great to be liked by many people in your life, but it is another exceptionally unique experience to be valued whenever you are in the mixed of the people. If you want to live a life to please others, you will be liked and if you want to make your life a source of inspiration for others, then definitely you will be valued but always remember one certain things some people are out there just to mock you for your mistakes.

People find it more difficult to understand the basics things that can cause a major set back for them just because they think that many people like and value them, just believe me you may be like and value by many but few are still find a way to get you down, but as long as you hold your principles in high esteem without do anything that can tarnish your images among the people who truly value your present and your absence, then definitely you won't lose value because it's not being remote controlled by others who are finding ways to make sure you lose your track in line with the best of yourself. Don't ever lose your line of actions that people seen in you which always add value to your life in everything.

However, the major priority for people with a great esteem is to have a prove of work and let there work always speak for them because if people value to some extent without achieve anything from being liked then definitely they may lose the interest in you but If by chance you are privileged to assist and also add value people around you, see it not as your own making but a rare opportunity to show how appreciative of values blessings you are to them and always tell them it's not by your power but the power of the most high.Remember as a person of values don't ever help and sit beside it but helps them and forget anything in return because that is great blessing you can ever give without any form of problems.

Before I drop my pen for today, when you have loved by people in your environment, don't ever sit down without adding value to there life also, everyone needs to be like and to be love so that we can leave the life of happiness and we need to always remember that those that genuinely care without being sentiment have the tendency to receive multiple in returns and the have the high tendency to be successful in the journey. The best way to get many things done is to continue adding value to the people in your environment and help them to achieve there hearts desire then they will surely come back to make you as there role model and when you have liked by them definitely people will value you always even with your short coming that you seems to be very difficult to yourself.

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There was a time also I wanted to be alone, when people around me started insulting me. At that time I tried leave everyone behind tried to be alone,even the one's who loved me.

Then I started doing things alone, it failed. After some failures I found the fact that it's hard to do live without people,there are good one's also. We need to find them and grow together.

This proverb has a lot of importance in my life,

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

@badfinger, yes you are right, we just need to know that if we all work together definitely we can achieve a great things in life together but the most important things is to know the kind of people will be dealings with. Thanks you so much for your time on my post, I hope you like it.🙏🙏💯🙏 Stay safe bro.

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