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The best things to earn in our life is honestly because it gives us check and balance towards success, it's the best to earn before anything in this world and also you need to make your jobs visible and transparency in order to make people access what you are really do for a living, so think of what you can do to help and please others in all your dealings in life and make sure you received everyone that may comes your way and always find a way to do your things with pure heart.

Most times the best things we only need to build in life is good foundation, you need to make sure you have a strong foundation in honest ways because without a clear transparent and honest, at the beginning of everything then your foundation can be cracks at the beginning of everything and it can have effect in your journey but when people know you you are the best when it comes to honestly, they can go to any length to find a solution for you when you are in middle of problems.

Honestly and transparency are like seimeses twins that are very difficult to separate from each other's no matter how we trying to do so, you need to work on both in order to make your life meaningful and workable for you in your society, let people know with the elements of being honest and always make things happen without there concepts because it is ways to earn a living and be convenient in life once you are being proactive and transparencies in all your dealings.

Finally, we need to clearly understand that honesty is what defines, maintains and sustains you in everything when you know your ways, because once you lack on that front you are lacking in credibility and direction towards life, so you need to get things done at the right time and consider anything with honest and believes so that people can believes you in anything once they know you that you are well transparence.

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