The Weekly Spectacle

Welcome the the Weekly spectacle

We get down and dirty with the inhabitants of the great Neoxian City and investigate their daily deeds. Here you'll read juicy up-to-date gossip as our ground reporters rush to the drama as it unfolds, where ever it may be. And when there's a city with @burlarj and @xawi in it, there's sure to be lots and lots and lots of it!!

Breaking news: @Burlarj momentarily turns Muslim so that he can celebrate Eid

In a turn of events that shocked most of us, @burlarj clicked his fingers and immediately turned to Islam. Onlookers were skeptical, and since it's something he has never dared talk about before he was heavily questioned. Burl then proceeded to rage and threaten half the city with his trusty Nigerian Ida.

I'm Muslim I tell you. Muslim! Don't dare anyone say otherwise or there will be severe penalties! Accuse me at your own risk

After a giveaway to the Islamic populace ended, Burl seemed to disappear again, and hasn't wished anyone happy Eid yet. It's OK though, we know he's away celebrating it with his own family. Definitely not obsessively playing Splinterlands right now or anything. That would be mean. And burl isn't mean!

@anikys3reasure declares her undying love for @reazuliqbal and tells (screams at) us that his marriage to @zaku is not valid

Angered by his marriage to @zaku, our city resident Bee (@anikys3reasure) has spent the last week preparing herself to put a spanner in the works of @reazuliqbal's marriage when she next crosses paths with him.

Two men should not marry

She tells us in an angered statement.

Two men should not marry. It's not right. I have no idea how they allowed that, and in BD of all places. I'm here to put a big stop to their gratuitous bum-love and make Reaz see the light that is me. I'm his shining light, his guiding star, the soon to be father of his children..

We left bee as she was putting on her best face; lipstick, foundation, the works. She told us that she would be his wife or die trying!

@xawi is not stupid, she self-declares

In a long-assed statement by our friendly resident Dragon-folk @xawi, she has declared that she is not, in the slightest, and never has been, stupid. Anyone that thinks as much will find that she will storm away in a gigantic princess-like huff.

I am not stupid, okay? I am the wisest of all Neoxian-Dragons. It takes years to become as wise as me. I am to stupid as chalk is to cheese. I am stupid-repellent. Please, stop calling me stupid. Now, leave me alone so that I can talk to my fictional everything in a land that doesn't exist influenced by my grandiose watching of Bollywood love movi... Oh? A giveaway? Let me just click that. I do not need to read the terms, I'll be ok. Anyway where were we? Yes! .. Bollywood love movies.

We left xawi in her throne of non-stupidness.

@bala41288 (Bala The Hacker) Tells us that he is now officially the man of the house

It has been several months since Bala and his wife Married, and it's been a hard process coming together and making allowances for each other when it's a fairly new person in your life. Thankfully Bala feels he has positioned himself as the man of the house.

Speaking to us from his front door, Bala tells us his story.

Well, it was difficult at the beginning. But I think I've mastered the part of being the man that wears the trou.. what honey? Oh, you need me? And send those men away? Okay! Sorry, I have to go. I will tell you this story some other time. Bye!

Bala left us to attend to his wife. We will have more on this later!

That's it for now it's been fairly quiet on the storm front. Please send in your stories to @ryamondspeaks if you have any :)

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enough said!!

Haha omg

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

lol duffer



This spectacle is never completed without my non sense


Lol... Hilarious.

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

Lol that was very funny. I read this post in the voice of the news reader from Legend of Korra. I'm not sure if you have seen that but the voice suits this post 100%. Thanks for compiling this @raymondspeaks. It was fun reading it at least my part of the story. 😀

Bee rea and zaku bro in a triangle? 😂

Sounds like a telenovela, I need to drop in the Neoxian Discord more often.