Stay calm and away from the madding crowd

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Stay calm

The time is bad
the period tense
lockdown and quarantine
life being taken for a ride
when did we all think about such a phase
never must have, would be the answer if ever asked

It is not the time to play the blame game
it is not the time to milk the situation
it is not wise to point fingers
it is the time to be strong and calm
and stay alone and be meditative

Now is the chance to discover yourself
the time to stay away from the madding crowd
now is the time to reconnect with nature
worship the elements
and do your bit to plant saplings and grow

Be brave

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Many including myself are kind of trapped in different places in our country. Bihar has reported very few cases so far however the health care facility is extremely weak here which makes the claims of government unreliable. I don't understand why people are so insensitive and don't obey the rules!

Stay safe dear and stay home. Hope you have enough goods.

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