Hakim Ziyech will become a Chelsea player.

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There is new information that Chelsea has reached an oral agreement on the purchase of Ajax midfielder Hakim Ziyech.

A source: https://www.planetfootball.com/quick-reads/careless-whispers-how-hakim-ziyech-to-arsenal-nonsense-has-got-traction/

The Moroccan player will join the Chelsea team for 45 million euros and this transfer was personally approved by Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard. Hakim Ziyech has not yet signed a contract with a London club; accordingly, other clubs can still negotiate a football player, but Ajax does not want to discuss the possibility of selling a Moroccan player due to an agreement with Chelsea.

This season, Hakim Ziyech played 29 matches for Ajax in all tournaments, where the player was able to score 8 goals and make 21 assists, and if the Hakim Ziyech plays for Chelsea, I am sure that the player will be very useful to the English club.

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