Real Madrid announces Reinier Jesus Carvalho.

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It became known that Real Madrid will officially represent midfielder Reinier Jesus Carvalho on February 18.

A source:

The Reinier Jesus Carvalho was the only acquisition of the Madrid club through the winter transfer window, and after that the player moved to Real Madrid from Flamengo for 30 million euros at the end of January. It is expected that while the Brazilian player will play in the midfield line, but we will definitely find out his place in the Spanish club team when introducing the player.

At the club level, Reinier Jesus Carvalho played 15 matches in which the player was able to score six goals and give two assists, which is such a decent achievement for such a young midfielder. Therefore, I am once again convinced that Real Madrid is always trying to acquire young and talented players, which is the Reinier Jesus Carvalho.

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