Sergio Ramos may stay in Real Madrid.

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It became known that the defender of Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, is in talks with the Club of Madrid on a new contract.

A source:

The current contract of the defense player with the club is designed until the summer of 2021 and Sergio Ramos wants to stay in Real Madrid for another two years. Although the policy of the Club of Madrid regarding age players is to renew contracts for only one season, the Sergio Ramos has good chances to circumvent this rule and conclude a contract for two seasons.

Sergio Ramos moved to the Club of Madrid in August 2005 from Seville for 27 million euros, however, in May last year, the defender wanted to leave Real Madrid, having received an advantageous offer from China. But now it seems the Sergio Ramos has changed his mind and wants to stay playing in Real Madrid.

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