Two English clubs want to acquire Chris Smalling.

It became known that Everton and Tottenham are interested in Roma defender Chris Smalling.

A source:

The clubs have already contacted the player’s representative, but the English player, spending the season on the Roman team on loan from Manchester United, wants to stay in Roma. However, such an option would be unlikely if Roma did not qualify for the Champions League and, in addition, Manchester United was ready to offer Chris Smalling a new contract, but on reduced terms, unlike Everton and Tottenham.

This season, Chris Smalling played 24 matches for Roma, in which the defender was able to score 2 goals and give 1 assists and the English player’s contract with Manchester United is valid until the end of June 2022. In all this situation, I think that the Chris Smalling may well get into one of the two clubs, as the circumstances may be higher and if this happens, then I will look with curiosity at the game of this defender.

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