Why post if your not going to engage with your followers? and a Photo Challenge all in one.....

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I've been thinking about this lately and I wonder why so many are focused on the reward aspect of things. For me yes, of course I like to be rewarded but for me to get a lot of comments from the community, whether a follower or new person commenting is the best part of creating content. I have done so many giveaways and time sometimes isn't on our side, so you get stuck repeating. Recently I have been trying hard to actually write and let people in knowing some of my thoughts etc. Now I do see some big account and small, its just across the board really, that a lot of people post and then don't even engage back, isn't that why we are here? Or is it just income? I just made yesterday a nice post, well at least I thought it was and it receive good rewards but the fact that so many commented and it was more new people then my following, that is what I am talking about. It creates positivity and it just keep me pushing and driving me to make more content. I still will keep giving away monster cards and tokens because I love to give. I never require or ask for an upvote, a follow nor resteem and that really should always be the culture here for those who do giveaways.

Now I am thinking of more engagement and I think I might start a photo challenge and what I hope will be successful in fulfilling more engagement for me. I love photography, owned a good camera, sold it and now I want another but I ask myself why? These smartphones these days especially the Samsung s10 5G has an amazing camera. So I am think that I love photo's that are absolutely pure, meaning the actual shot you took, I do like edited photo's but I love the original shot, in the moment 1,000 times better. It's pure and not fantasy edit etc. I also like like, when it comes to a challenge to actually do the challenge, not just put up some stock photo you have had for 2 years or from five years ago. That is absolutely not a challenge. My hopes are to get out, get you out, explore this beautiful earth we have. So many amazing sights and sounds that has got me addicted on going out with the wife and seeing it all.

So with that said, I want to make this a challenge and a beginning of what will be a weekly or so challenge , to get out and get some shots, some pure shots.

Rule 1: Use any camera or phone

Rule 2: Only show me something You went our for, for the subject challenge (Yes this is an Honor system)
do it when you go out shopping or whatever

Rule 3: Absolutely NO EDITED PHOTO'S

Rule 4: Have fun

Rule 5: Post it here in the comment section so I can see and decide the winner


Rule 7: You have 7 days to enter at start of this post and ends in 7

For this challenge the winner will receive 10 Steem and I'll also give upvotes to some of the posts, also please make a good post, I will judge not just the photo or photo's but quality will count. The payout will be after 7 days

Thank you and good luck, I cant wait for more engagement

This weeks subject is Tree Shots, I love trees especially crazy looking ones


Here is a shot I took with my Samsung s10 5G and I call it "The Tree of Life" I swear this thing is massive, estimating about 30+ yards in both directions. Absolutely an Amazing tree



Also I am and will always be a proud member and founder @dosdudes with @dkid14 but I just want to keep giving more back to this community that I have grown to love.

On that note, thank you all that have continually supported @shoemanchu I am so blessed to be here and appreciate all the love the family has shown me.....

Strive for the Best

God Bless.....


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I spotted this tree as I was driving to play poker today in New Braunfels Texas, I live about 30 miles away in San Antonio. It's in a gated subdivision, but the gate was open, so I drove right in. I hope you like it to. I used my phone camera to shoot it.

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That's a massive tree too. Nice...

Dude.... Thats probably the most beautiful fucking photo of a tree I have ever seen... No jokes... Nooooo jokes dude... Im in shock and awe.... Very beautiful broh

Thanks, appreciate it. I feel exactly the same as you every time I go to this spot, so much more to see there too. Old Towns are always a site to see....

That I can believe. I wont mind exploring some historical towns overseas aswell. Like greece.. India.. Spain

Loved Spain, lived there for 3 years. Yes so much beauty to see.... Greece is so nice too, also I would love to go to India

This sounds like a great idea. I have recently decided to increase my level of engagement, largely just through comments. I have also looked at how I could improve the quality of my posts and have a self imposed word limit and a photo minimum. I take every photo myself.

Awesome, I need a word limit for sure, cause I just keep rambling. Lol but yeah I do enjoy the back in forth commenting.

For me it’s a minimum word limit.

Oh, Lol. Are you a writer?

I used to write blogs long before Steemit, but I haven't been published so to speak. But I know that there are people who will only upvote content that has 450 words minimum, so that becomes the standard.

People are posting APPICS posts with nothing but the subject heading. That's going to upset the old guard.

I see, now you got me counting my words, haha. But yeah I'm wondering when everyone was going to start to talk about APPICS, I see a lot of photo's with nothing said, just the title.

It’s one of the things that’s tough, posting and trying to get people to engage. I always post things and have a section in it where I ask those reading to interact with me in some manner. Most don’t unfortunately, it’s sad. They are more after the curation than anything it seems.

That’s one hell of a tree picture dude! Looks like it belongs in Disney’s animal kingdom lol

I personally love photos that aren’t edited. My wife likes to edit them and they end up being cool but I like to use the phone camera to capture the original awesomeness.

Yup, exactly. Edit is cool but Original is best to me. Thank man...

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When I saw your post I had a wonderful tree in mind to photograph, but when I cycled up this morning I realised ...it's Winter! Not a leaf in sight. But it has eaten a bench so perhaps worth a shot anyway.

Wow thats actually pretty cool..... I like it...