"What makes you Happy" my contest Entry

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Hi there lovely and Creative people of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and having a great day

First, Thanks to @sayee Didi for the contest and inviting us (#Neoxian Citizens) to it.
I am not even interested in writing at all, hehe but I am here for my Didi

So where to Start and how to Start 🤓

There are few things that makes me happy like

  • Listening Sufi Music

  • making drawings

  • Watch cartoons

  • d, e, f … x, y, z, etc.

but for those, I need to give time and if I am in some situation those can't make me happy.
But yes I have some special, that makes me feel happy even if I am in some type of situation, and those are my Family Members.

How my family makes me Happy :

My parents did/doing all things (uncountable by health, wealth, time etc) for me and now every start of the day I usually see them and feels the happiness.
My wife take all my responsibility with only LOVE like my mother did before, that act makes me happy (How can I count those work done by my Mother and now my wife is taking it).
And the top of all, my Kids



Don't have words to share my happiness...

They Both are like stars in my life and yes every parents love their children and so I, it is not a big deal...

I remember, when Shahzaib born, I skip wathching cartoons and listening music and till now I spend most of my free time with him.
And addition of a Cute Baby Girl is what, I can't thanks to my CREATOR 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Hope I will see them grow up with all the happiness and enjoy their life..... (AMEEN)

Yesterday, Shahzaib suddenly show me what he wrote 😍… His DADA ABBU was not in home that time so I took this pic for him and sharing with you hehe



Maybe she 👆 is saying, its enough... 😁

She is the Princess,

so I am ending my blog here...

Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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Thank you so much Shrazi. It is so heartwarming to see the wonderful photos of your family. I know they really make you happy and your drawings and photos makes us happy too. You are really a very special and talented person and it is our blessing to know you. Allah bless you and your wonderful family. ♥

Thanks for your blessing @sayee Didi 😌😌
It is all my pleasure 🙏

Have a nice day!

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that's a great contest post

Thank you 🙂

Thanks a lot uncle for sharing your thoughts, family is the best part of our life and children are indeed the best way to keep us happy there cute acts sure make us feel happy 😄

Good luck for the contest

Its all my pleasure
Thanks for wishing me 😁