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We cannot underestimate the importance of setting goals and its impact towards our success in our career and life in general. This is the reason it is the topic of discussion by a lot of motivational speakers and it is also a common topic taught in school.

When you learn the essence of setting goals and it's importance to your development and how it can be a major key to achieving success you'd be a better person. When you follow this method religiously you would achieve your set targets and become the version of YOU that you want.

There are a lot of benefits to gain when you are acquainted with the rudiments of setting goals/targets for yourself.

One of the important things to note when setting goals is to know what we want. We need to know our wants so that we can align the two together, that is our goals and what we want to achieve. It may be a difficult journey for you in life when you don't have a guide or what you aim at. Don't be that person whose favorite saying is I can not be disappointed if I don't have expectations. We lack direction when we don't set goals. We live a carefree life. A lot of time, energy and resources would go down the drain if we refuse to set goals and aim for them.

Take a survey and observe people that are successful in their field around you, you'd observe that they are talented (that can not be disputed) but they decided on what they want to do with their talent from the scratch. It's their foundation, a solid one at that.

Setting goals also enhance your improvements and it is continuous. You become that which you dream of when you take little steps towards improving and actualising your goals. The goals and targets that you have set for yourself will shape and mould you to improve and be a better person. You will become a new being entirely. Goals are a yardstick to measure how far you've gone and what you are yet to do.

Set goals for yourself today, strive to meet your targets and see you develop into a master in your field, business and in all aspect of your life.

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