10 super duper packs

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I want to know how do you hold your packs? I mean they don't tempt you to open them? I mean what kind of patience is required to hold them in your inventory? :P XD. I purchased 100 packs promo and received 110 packs. Due to lack of potions, they are surviving otherwise I would have opened all of them by now :P XD. I was opening 2 or 3 packs on daily basis. 48 packs I opened made me realize I have no luck with untamed. Today before going to bed when I was done with my all quests I decided to take a feel of pack opening :P I went ahead and purchased 50 potions each Alchemy and legendary and then I opened 10 packs.

10 packs Made my day




Sometimes you open 100s of packs and you don't get anything good and sometimes only 1 pack can make your day. I already purchased Gold Foil High priest Darius and it would have been nice if dark Ha'on gets turned into the gold foil. I don't have dark Ha'on in gold foil form :/ Well, gold is gold no matter which card it is. You don't get what you want. You get what is not required at that moment. Such is life

Let's analyze pack opening


I still have 50 packs in my inventory, and I plan to buy 1 more promo of 100 UT packs. Because they are running out fast. Those 100 packs sure I am going to save and I will not open :P XD If you plan to buy untamed packs, now is the right time, with less than 160k left. All the best

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I bought 10 UT packs too this morning and look at what I got! LOL
20,000 DEC = ~$20 USD to $8 USD really quick LOL

This pack opening has both Legendary and Alchemy Potions involved and I only got 1 COMMON GOLD and NO LEGENDARY. LOL



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lolz i also opened 20+ packs but nothing useful. Not everyday is Eid day :P Xd

Congrats on ur gfl. Lucky you.

thank you boy

Moonboy 😴