Chest loots in Champion 1 😘

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My mood is exactly like this bitmoji. When I claimed my rewards in Champion 1 and after seeing those rewards I want to kill someone. That someone could be anyone I guess I should kill Xaburi (@burlarj)πŸ˜‚

Today when I started playing my quest I got life splinter. I changed my quest and got Dragon quest yaaaaaaaaay. My winning ratio with dragon quest is always 90%. I completed my quest and then I needed 100 more points for champion 1. I thought I should claim my rewards in champion 1. Those 100 points were not as easy because most of the time my dragon splinter wasn't active. But yea Mimosa did help me. Only 1 day left in the season and will try to achieve the highest ranking on the leader board.

So guys let me show what I claimed in C1



Anyways the most exciting news is now my Lord of darkness is maxed yeah. I only needed 2 more BCX in order to make it max. There you go


My death deck is almost maxed now only a few more epics needed to be maxed after I will be done with death. And the next priority would be life splinter. Currently playing an Alpha tournament. I have a bye in qualifier round so I decided to write this post. see ya Tc


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lolz, just kill yourself

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