Classic win with level 6 summoner

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Hello splinterfam's

Battling in champion league with level 6 summoner without having much hardship is like miracle :P XD. Yea pirates attacked me lol I mean I had to win 5 battles using water element. It has always been a nice feeling when you complete your quest in a higher league with lower level deck.

Anyways, I completed my quest with this classic win. Maxed deck Legendary summoner. I was only lucky I would say because the winning ratio against Legendary summoner is only 10% It is my calculation. You may disagree.


And when I claimed my chest loots they were classic too. :P I got gold foil rare from my rewards and 1 epic. I do like naga windmaster and know her worth so I am extremely excited about Naga windmaster and now I have 2 naga windmaster in my collection.

gif sp.gif

Quest rewards


Torhilo the Frozen seems really cool epic though I was just checking its stats it has 3 awesome abilities. Void, Last stand and shatter. So this epic is worth upgrading because it has only 1 speed so it will be awesome in high mana melee mayhem with reverse speed rule.


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I love taking down those high-level teams with an underdog team!