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Coral Wraith


Coral wraith is the untamed edition monster. It belongs to the water deck. Its rarity is epic and it has a magic attack. At the first level, you get its first ability which is sneak. Sneak attack itself is a great attack but when it comes in the magic form it gives more damage to your opponent. You get its second ability at level 4 which is Rust. So, basically, Coral Wraith is the best combination of sneak and rust. When I had this monster at level 4 I remember I have killed maxed decks just because of its sneak magic attack.




I prefer to use it in reverse speed. If you are going with a magic attack and you are given a reverse speed rule then try Coral wriath in your battle. At a maxed level, it gives 3 magic attack and if you are using water summoner Alric Stormbringer then you get 1+ magic attack and then it becomes 4 and just imagine the damage you are giving your opponent. It has only 4 Hp. So if you get the rule fog of war then try not to use it. It won't give you the sneak magic destruction but since its HP is low and your opponent is using Lord Arianthus then it won't stay longer.

MY Battle 🏆


Xawi Vs Enminers-0


I was given Equal opportunity and taking sides rules I went with the water deck and I picked a byzantine kitty summoner. When I get an equal opportunity ruleset I prefer to go with the monster that has Taunt ability. So that monster can take all damage and the rest of the team can perform their duty well.

My Line-up

  • Byzantine Kitty
  • The Kraken
  • Robo-Dragon knight
  • Mermaid healer
  • Dragon Jumper
  • Ruler of the seas
  • Coral Wraith

  • Byzantine Kitty I used it because I was playing my dragon quest otherwise I would have used Valnamor instead. Yea in this case valnamor was the best choice but I took a risk just because of dragon quest. Byzantine gives +2 speed and phase ability that means your monster must hit the target no matter what. Also, it heals the monster in the first position.

  • Robo-Dragon Knight I used it in the second position. It has magic reflect and voidability also it has return fire so in any case that would counter magic and ranged attack. I was given high mana game so it didn't hurt me.

  • mermaid Healr We all love this little cute mermaid. She is so good gives you three awesome abilities such as it heals back monster with its triage ability. Cleanses all negative energy from the monster you placed in the first position. Also, it strengthens all the fellow monsters.

  • Dragon Jumper Next monster I used is Dragon Jumper. Well, I like this dragon that's why I use it more often. Love its speed and melee opportunity attack.

  • Ruler of the seas I used it to silence the magic attack of my opponent and also it gives blast and increases the speed of the fellow monsters.

  • Coral Wraith I already told you why I use Coral wraith in my battles. I don't use it more often but in certain rulesets, I always go with Coral wraith.

I hope you enjoyed my battle. i will see y'all in my next challenge post see ya take care.

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