Crispy Chicken Schnitzel( Adds some spices in your life)

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I wanted to make this post yesterday but couldn't make 😜 . Yesterday I started watching one Turkish drama Impossible Love. I had to complete all the episodes this is why I couldn't share fun love date lunch with my bestie. Ah after so long we were together and we enjoyed a lot. This coming Saturday Convocation at our University so finally I am going to receive my graduate degree(without exams😂 ) Online exams I don't consider them exams :P

Yesterday was really an epic day. Having Lunch with your best friend always gives you refreshing and joyous feel. Well, it's late-night I don't want to go in more details. Let me just share the food we ordered, and enjoyed together. We two are a fan of chicken so we ordered Rina's special ``crispy Chicken Schnitzel`. They served it with hot and spicy sauce mayo garlic bead and fries yum......

crispy Chicken Schnitzel at Rina's Kitchenette




Look yummy yes? no? never mind😂i am in so good mood and i am going back to my drama. My post is done I think😜 see y'all later good night

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post a picture of your best friend i want to see who is dragging my bestie with me.,

heheh :P