Deadly new death epic just got revealed

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Just one hour left in the season and the official splinterlands account just revealed the new airdrop card, death epic melee monster with reachability and speed 1. Too many happenings in the past couple of days. There was a lot of stuff to post about but I am posting after 4 days. Sometimes life gets busy and you only find time to do the most important things. But wait Is daily posting is not that important thing? I am just being dumb one post a day is equally important but yes I do feel like daily splinterlands quests are more important. If you play more than one account, quests can be exhausted and suck all your energy. Most of the time I felt so lazy and sleepy while completing my quests it made me think I should start eating multivitamins :P XD.

13th Untamed Airdrop Card


Gargantuan Lolz such a funny name:P I don't know from where they get the idea of cards but it is very cool :P This weird-looking monster belongs to the dark of the soul Mortis death splinter. It has Reach ability which means you can use it in the second position. It would be great in reverse speed but you can use it in any ruleset with no fear that it would have miss-hit chances. It has a phase ability so clearly no matter what it is going to hit the target. At level 5 it gets enraged ability so I assume it is gonna be real tough in the battle. I would love to get it in the airdrop so I will buy some more packs to increase the chances of more and more Gargantuan.

Look at me :P XD


Horrible :P don't scare me oh well yea how it looks like with complete stats but it has 9 mana yaaay :P XD. All the best to all those playing for the leaderboard I will come back with my season performance report till then keep splinterlanding :)

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