Do you believe Clarity simplifies implementation?

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Hello everyone,

When you know what is your goal and what is your destination then there is nothing which will keep you away from moving forward. Yes, I do believe that clarity simplifies implementation. If you are someone who has a problem in clarity then the key fact you have to consider, conflicts can never be resolved through suppression. Sometimes you face such kind of situation where you are not clear, you don't have clarity yet you have to let it behind and move forward anyway. All we need to understand this myth is clarity can clear our path but it will not supply the fuel.
But it helps to remove hurdles between you and your goals hence implementation takes place.


I have very much clarity on my destination and I know my ways. But there is something and the very hardest thing which is unclear doubts about something. Having doubts about someone if that person likes you or not. Or if you should take step forward of just sit behind. I am not clear about it. But clarity always comes from eliminating doubts. And doubts can be cleared by asking questions. But asking questions is the biggest fear lol.

Suddenly from where that thought came in my mind? well, a nice question. I was working on something related to my office work. While doing that I knew that what I am doing and how I should do this. I was so clear about my work which made things easier for me. Then I realised I didn't post today. So let's write about how clarity simplifies implementations for you. When you are clear it makes things easier for you and you can move forward to your goal without any hesitation and fear.
Hope it would be a good read for many if not then whatever😝.

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