Eid Mubarak everyone

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I was sleeping and I was dreaming about my everything😂 ok kidding. So yea I was in a very deep sleep when My mama knocks up the door wake up in few hours we are leaving for the Eid festival. First of all, I was amazed at myself that I spent my Chaand rat while sleeping. Chaand Raat supposes to be a fun night and I don't sleep this night. But I am astonished I just did the reverse of the normal days. People sleep during normal days and on a festival they enjoy and I don't sleep during normal days and I slept on a very special fun night😝.

Even I just asked mama I was sleeping what did you guys do. She said she didn't sleep well only one hour and woke up to get ready to leave for the Eid. I was laughing that where my life is going? I just can't believe I spent my night while playing splinterlands tournament? I mean splinterlands is getting all over me😂.

Ok if you're wondering where we are leaving for so let me explain. We celebrate Eid al-Adha at our farmhouse and not in the city. Eid al-Adha is known as Eid Qurban. We sacrifice animals on this Day so it all happens at our farmhouse. Today is a day when all family members gather in one place. We invite all uncle ants on that day. Then animal sacrifice happens. After this main and huge thing, all the ladies get busy in the kitchen and they cook a different kind of meals.

I love one thing about this day that this is the only festival when all families come and celebrate in one place. We are still trying to keep alive the old traditions set by our elders. We are just ready to leave for the day waiting for my brother. Poor my brother had a night duty in the hospital and we will leave as soon as he will arrive home. So i have had time to tell my story of the day. And yea i am here and writing my blah bla😉

I was just surprised I didn't celebrate Chaand Raat for the first time in my entire life I guess. It has always bee a great fun. I rather spent playing tournaments. Oh, it reminds me I had to post about my season rewards but wait.. what rewards? They are not worth posting, to be honest. My rewards were full of potions and useless decs as usual. My highest league was champion 1 and I got 150 chest loots. They are not loots they are misusing this word loot by calling it loots😝.

Moreover, there was a big tournament I played today. Splinterlands brawler. I managed to get into top 16 and won 40k dec ;). My common cards still need to get at least gold level they are just level 6 or 7. And for the gold league, your commons should be level 8.

Last but not least I again won 2nd place in the #bdcommunity contest. I wasn't expecting this time but it was surprising to know that i won second place again. Thank you so much #bdcommunity and Azir sir. I'd like to congratulate my all fellow winners. Dr simplify who won 1st place. Damn Dr I just read your post you are too good in fiction writing. This is the place I have no skills😂I don't have fiction writing skills why o why😂. Congratulations Momma sayee for getting the 3rd place in the contest. So my Chaand Raat was on discord with discord family. And I really enjoyed it. It seems I am indulging too much in discord life and I don't know if it is right or wrong but whatever I am enjoying it a lot😍 .

That's all, see y'all Happy Eid Mubarak stay safe and enjoy

In all that one very important thing. if you are celebrating Eid and going to sacrifice animal then don't forget the actual purpose of this sacrifice. Giveaway meat to poor people as much as you can. Because of the way prices are touching the sky. I don't think poor people eat meat for the whole year. So make them happy by spreading kindness.

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Allah bless you dear. Another tip from you that I dug now - level up the commons. I am not sure how much I can do it but I will try slowly bit by bit.

hehe thank You momma sayee Allah bless you too and yes while upgrading giants we forget little monsters :P