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Heya DCitizens,

I hope everyone is enjoying their game. I came across to a few things and I realised I should discuss them in my post. If you are playing Dcity then I have a simple question for you. How many of you do pay attention to Events and technologies?. The day I started playing this game I am taking a deep interest in events and technologies. I used to host 3 events a day in my city. And I used to activate one technology in my city. But with the passage of time things are getting expensive.

Before putting up more thought on this matter I'd like to show the technologies screenshot. What I have done so far.

First, we need to Understand what are technologies in the Dcity. If we want to discover technology players in our city so for this purpose we need to activate technologies. When you go to your city and then click on the technologies you will be able to see the technology-tree.. Like this






There are four categories in technologies.

  • 1 Control
  • 2 Education
  • 3 Automation
  • 4 Utility

As you can see in my shared screenshots. I've activated almost all the technologies. And Only two left. When you will start activating your technologies in your city you will see the difference. Last few technologies needed 1000 sim each to get activated. So it takes me almost 5 days to activate one technology now. Before I used to activate my technology every 36 hours. But now I need to accumulate sim in order to activate my technologies. After the last two technologies, I will be done with all the tech stuff. When you do activate one technology then you go into the cooldown mode for almost 36 hours. Only after 36 hours, you can activate your new technology.


There are five events you can organise for your city.

  • 1 BEER Fest
  • 2 Science Convention
  • 3 Art convention
  • 4 WEED Fest
  • 5 Poker night


Currently, I am hosting Science Convention event in my city. Event is ending in 2 hours and so far I've gotten two scientists. The market value of one scientist is 1.3 swap.hive or 500 sims. So you see how profitable it is?
To host BEER Fest you need 5 BEER. For Art Convention, you need 250 creative coins. For Weed Fest, you need 75 WEED. For poker night you need a lot of gamer token :P XD. I had plenty of gamer token So i organised poker night in my city and I got few gamblers :P XD
I sent 100 stems to host science convention event in my city. What is the essence of hosting these events? Well, I see a clear difference when I host an event. So it is actually very good for your city growth.

I hope I've covered every single detail so time to say goodbye. See y'all in next post

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